Top 10 Ad Networks for Publishers / Website Owners

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After publishing 6 lead generation techniques in previous article, here we are giving detailed information about 10 top ad networks for publishers / website owners/ blogger so that they can monetize from their website or blog.

What is an Ad Network?

An ad network is largely an intermediary; it connects advertisers to websites that host advertisements. The community seeks out unsold marketing area from publishers, and then sells that area to advertisers searching out advert area with particular content.

Ad networks are useful for all 3 parties involved; the advertiser pays a sure amount whenever their advert is clicked with the aid of a potential customer (or a set amount for each 1,000 impressions), while the community and writer every take a percentage.

There are three types of ad networks, every based on how they work with advertisers and publishers. Those consist of:

● Blind networks offer low charges, but advertisers typically haven’t any manage over where ads are placed.
● Vertical networks have a tendency to have higher excellent traffic with advertising throughout general categories like automotive.
● Targeted networks are the maximum pricey for advertisers, and cognizance on unique focused on like conduct or website context.

Here are some of the best Ad Networks for publishers / website owners / bloggers which are cozy, truthful, and provide you with the high-quality possibility to monetize your blog or website. They serve millions of ad impressions every day, have a huge community of advertisers and publishers, and offer decent money to publishers.

10 Top Ad Networks for Publishers / Website Owners

Now, let us move on and notice some of the best Ad Networks for Publishers.

1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is identified as the world’s largest and excellent online marketing network. Most significantly, it’s unfastened and affords you the possibility to earn money by placing advertisements for your website. It also takes place to be the oldest online advertising community still in existence.
It’s much famous with publishers and advertisers alike. Its performance and eCPMs are difficult to beat.

2. Propeller Ads:

Propellerads are one of the fastest developing CPM ads network. It affords a multiple ad formats. Propeller Ads makes it easy so as to choose the first-rate-appearing ad marketing campaign.

It ensures excessive ad first-rate by using acting manual exams on advertisers. Propeller ads give publishers with on-time payouts, precise real-time reporting, and a personal account manager. It endeavors to provide the highest sales in keeping with per visitor. It has a large number of display marketing solutions.

3. Adsterra Network:

Adsterra is another immensely famous top rate ad network which serves as a lot as 50 billion geo-targeted ad impression a month. It provides Ad Models inclusive of CPC, CPM, and CPA. It offers innovative advertising solutions for web and mobile advertisers and publishers international.

4. Revcontent:

Revcontent is regarded because the quickest growing content recommendation network inside the world. John Lemp founded it in 2013. It powers over 250 billion content recommendations every month. It has earned the status of being the most important ad network globally. Revcontent serves a number of the top content marketers which include Forbes, CBS, and NBC news among others.

5. Infolinks :

Infolinks is one of the best ad Networks that allows publishers to monetize their website to the premiere level. It especially gives In-textual Ads. So, when you have a textual-primarily based site online or a weblog, and then Info links could likely show to be an high-quality choice for generating sales via marketing for your website.

6. is one of the most famous ad communities for Publishers. It presents an amazing opportunity for publishers to maximize revenue from their online content material. It has one of the largest pools of advertisers inside the world. serves contextual ads. It additionally supports desktop interstitial, in-content local, and cellular docked ads. It ensures a 100% fill fee throughout all verticals and ad formats. A number of its publishers include Reuters, Esquire, Elle, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, and many of others.

7. RevenueHits:

If one element which could describe RevenueHits within the high-quality manner it’s this one. It’s an ad network for publishers that generate most income in your website for minimum attempt.

It’s the ideal and the neatest manner of changing your digital property into an profit belongings. With Revenue Hits, you get the organization tremendous acting offers. Use its intuitive platform to optimize income effortlessly.

8. BidVertiser:

BidVertiser ad network for Publishers gives an interesting monetization version. Aside from providing PPC ad Model wherein, a writer earns money while an advert is clicked; the publisher also earns additional revenue whilst the clicking leads to a conversion (sale).

This helps many ad formats which include banners, rectangles, skyscrapers, mobile, and many others. Its reporting interface makes monitoring advertisements performance easy. You come to know click-through-rate, the amount you have got earned in addition to other information.

9. Clicksor:

Clicksor has been there for a long time. It’s miles a Canada-based advert community. It has grown to end up one of the most famous contextual advertising and marketing networks today. Clicksor is one of the most appropriate alternatives to Google AdSense. It works by setting advertisements on a website which can be fit to be applicable to the website’s content. It furnishes “relevant” advertisements which inspire greater users to click through.

10. PopAds:

PopAds is specifically a pop-under ad network. The network particularly offers with Pop site visitors. It’s a fast and secure advertising network.

Publishers earn from their website site traffic through high-quality pop-under ads. It offers able rates to publishers who depend on website traffic and website content. It additionally affords perfect support as well.


So these are the 10 top ad networks for website owners / bloggers. You can earn well from these advertising networks. If you are looking for other sources for earning via internet marketing then join best digital marketing course in Jaipur. Get expert training about every topics for earning online in DigiLearnings course modules.

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