6 Brilliant Lead Generation Techniques Neil Patel Told Me

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6 Brilliant Lead Generation Techniques Neil Patel Told Me: Lead generation is the need of every business. Without leads, you cannot successfully run your business. If an organization have some goals than through lead generation it can be achieved easily. Every business and marketer wants to increase their conversion rate.

It could be discouraging to marketers if they create good content for lead generation but do not get any leads. Many people in the industry face problems in making a lead to conversion. For example, an e-commerce website like Amazon has created a great landing page and ranking on #1 position via SEM for any keyword and someone clicks on that but he/she did not purchase the product. So your plan to get traffic to your product page is successful by if your lead converted to sales then it could increase your conversion rate.

If you are aware about what your customers are looking for then you will get more leads. After knowing your customers you should create high-conversion landing page. To understand the process better, you should join digital marketing course in Jaipur.

A statistics of Marketingsherpa shows that Landing page generates 64% of leads, email marketing campaigns generate 51% of leads, Website pages gives you 40% of leads if ranking well, 36% leads via PPC advertisement, and 16% from other sources.

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6 Brilliant Lead Generation Techniques Neil Patel Told Me

Lead generation is an important part of digital marketing, there is a separate team working for the lead generation in big companies. Small companies are assigning this lead generation and sales task to the same team. Here are the 6 Brilliant Lead Generation Techniques that Neil Patel Told Me. Read them in detail to generate more leads for your business.

#1. Create an Unavoidable offer and syndicate across blog communities

#2. Use strong verbs to write powerful headlines to draw attention

#3. Specialize: Separate your lead generation team & sales team

#4. Use Google as your login

#5. Link to your webinars directly in your content

#6. Lead generation starts at the homepage, Keep reviewing your homepage

#1. Create an Unavoidable offer and syndicate across blog communities

If you are offering something to people than you want positive response from the viewers of your offer. If you not getting proper leads than it means you are lacking somewhere.

You surely want to get downloads of your eBook, leads from email form, leads from webinars or other. An unavoidable offer will attract more clients to your business. Try to make irresistible offers relevant to business and make it exclusive for high demand. You need to be sure about what offer is irresistible or what offer is weak. You can improve your response rate of your promotion from 10%-80% by testing and creating different irresistible offers.

#2. Use strong verbs to Write Powerful titles to draw attention

If you are really looking for clicks then use action in your headline. If your headline attracting to the people then it will generate more leads as well as there is a high chance of SERP ranking improvement. The community of copywriters of whole world know the power of headlines. Ted Nicholas (Author & self made millionaire) believes that 73% of buying decisions are based on headlines. 8 out of 10 people will click if your headline catches their attention. So, what are you doing for your headlines.

Try to reduce unnecessary words in your content and title. Use strong verbs in content. Your strong verbs can improve your content quality by…

  • Reduce Adverbs: Do not say “He looked carefully at the documents” Say that, he examined the documents”
  • Avoid the Passive Voice: Use the active verbs as much as you can.
  • Eliminate Wordiness: Eliminate words like ‘is’, ‘am’, ‘are’, ‘was’, ‘were’ etc. Do not say “she was the owner of a chain of restaurants” say that “she owned a chain of restaurants”.

When you will do this, you will become a better writer. The writing will be descriptive and concise.

#3. Specialize: Separate your lead generation team & sales team

If you wants to take your lead generation to the next level, then you need to test all the elements of landing page (headline, sub headings, points, CTA & more) at least once in a day. As per a study from Unbounce, 57% of companies are facing problems to optimize their landing pages.

Embrace your strength and work on your weaknesses for perfection. Lead nurturing is an important part of running a successful online business. When you reach lead nurturing, then separate your sales team and lead generation team.

As per marketo, lead generation is the purpose of developing a sales pipeline for capturing and stimulating the interest of people in a product or service. The sales teams does the exchange of goods or services for money.

Several top brands like Facebook, AT&T, Cineworld, AirBnB etc. operate in this way. Separating the sales and lead generation team will improve customer satisfaction.

If your customers are not satisfied by you, they will move to your competitors. A study by salesforce found that 91% of satisfied customer refer their friends to your business.

#4. Use Google as your Login

Using Google in the browser can personalize your efforts in effective marketing. You can get more customers or leads if you are giving login option with Gmail because a lot of customers don’t want to fill the information in the form. The users of Google has increased a lot because of you can login with the same email account on Google Drive, Google Analytics, Google My Business, Blogger, YouTube and more. Various other companies are using Gmail login to get more leads.

#5 Link Your Webinars to Your content

Webinars are one of the effective way to attract people to your business. Webinars have targeted audiences who register themselves for it when they asked. 52% of marketers still think that seminars and webinars are the most effective ways for targeted lead generation. The challenging task for the webinar host is to get registration. You can invite people to join your webinar by creating a good design. If you really want to take your lead generation to the highest level, you should start hosting webinars. Well-planned webinar or seminar is always beneficial for businesses. As per a ReadyTalk survey, 30-40% of the attendees turned into leads.

#6. Lead generation starts at the homepage, Keep reviewing your homepage

The homepage gets the most visit for any marketer. Several promotional ways take the traffic to the home page. As the homepage receive the most traffic you should care for everything at the homepage. The purpose of business should be covered on the homepage. It means if you have a ca repair business then your page should have good titles and headlines regarding the same business.


So, these are tips and lead generation techniques told by Neil Patel in blog to me. These points surely gonna help you a lot for generating leads for your business. If you have any query regarding this article, you can ask in the comment section below. If you are looking for learn lead generation and other digital marketing course in Jaipur then visit DigiLearnings once. All the best for your business.

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