LinkedIn Optimization and Marketing

LinkedIn marketing & optimization goals involve generating leads, raising brand awareness, or most likely both.

What will I learn?

LinkedIn Optimization and Marketing Topics


• LinkedIn basics – Profile building
• LinkedIn Publishing – (Posting Articles/Post)
• LinkedIn Groups
• LinkedIn Company Pages
• LinkedIn Showcase Pages
• LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Publishing

• Publish Article related to your product or service.
• Publish in the same frequency
• Use keywords, links, images, videos in the article.
• Use fix information at the end of the article/post.

LinkedIn Groups

• Be apart of the Group
• Make your own Group
• The tone is highly professional
• Try to ask questions or engage in the discussion
• Content Promotion platform in groups specifically.

LinkedIn Page

• Should have Company’s email like
• Required Creative like Logo, Banner
• Required Basic Information like Description, web
address, company size, category etc.
• Create a company page for brand awareness
• You can share targeted update via company page.
• You can know more about Company Page FAQs

LinkedIn Showcase Page

• To extend your company page
• Share update audience wise or for the specific category
related updates.
• Up to 10 showcase pages you can create under the
one company page.

Total Duration: 09 hrs.


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