Digital Marketing Programs

The Digital Marketing for everyone. We have designed the digital marketing program as per your vision and comfortablity.

Certification Program

Program 1: Advanced Digital Marketing Training Program

Duration: 3 Months

Fee: 25,000

Program 2: Masters in Digital Marketing

Duration: 4.5 Months

Fee: 45,000

Degree Program

Program 1: Graduation Degree Program in  Digital Marketing

Duration: 3 Years

Program 2: Post Graduate Degree Program in Digital Marketing

Duration: 2 Years

Program 3: Fast Track MBA Program in Digital Marketing

Duration: 1 Years

Short Programs

Program 1: Advanced Search Engine Optimization

Duration: 20 Days

Program 2: Social Media Marketing

Duration: 25 Days

Program 3: Google Ads/PPC

Duration: 12 Days

Program 4: Professional Blogging and Money Making

Duration: 10 Days

Program 5: Ecommerce Marketing & Market Places

Duration: 15 Days

Program 6: Email Marketing and Lead Generation

Duration: 12 Days

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