Candidates having so many questions during joining the Digital Marketing Institute. We are happy to solve your problems before joining the Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur.

Digital Marketing Course FAQs: DigiLearnings has the most Masters Digital Marketing Training Center in Jaipur with the updated syllabus. If you want to learn SEO and entire internet marketing with all related digital marketing techniques including SEO, SMO, SMM (PPC), Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Affiliate Marketing, etc. then you must visit the DigiLearnings – Digital Marketing Training in Jaipur at least once. We include most updated digital marketing training syllabus. Here we are including all the Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Digital Marketing Training Course.

Digital Marketing for Students, Working Professionals, Housewives

student needs to explore meticulously all sorts of fields and vocation points. Therefore a proper comprehension of the path they choose as a career option, one that is gregariously sought after and provides adequate opportunities for better future prospects is the key. There are numerous aptitudes which a student can learn. But, one advisable stream for students, from rank-holders to average ones, commerce or science graduates and middle class to the rich and affluent that can help in achieving everything in life is Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing can help in bolstering a student’s prospects by –

  • Creating more career options.
  • Getting them paid better than other professions.
  • Starting a career as an Entrepreneur.
  • Making the choice immensely affordable and rewarding.

Working Professionals –

Who have aim in learning and earning more, wish to remain associated with the most recent trends in a profession, should get acquainted with Digital Marketing. Working professionals who are unhappy with their present calling, job profile or remuneration can effectively utilize this vast ocean of opportunities in the domain of Digital Marketing.

There are numerous institutes offering online training and weekend classes on Digital Marketing for those who are working already and can’t squeeze out time during the weekdays.

Several prominent industry sectors like banking, education, medical, hospitality and now even government establishments are mobilizing the Digital Marketing platform for advertising purpose. Therefore, professionals who are associated with any of these fields may pick up adequate advantages over their profession by learning Digital Marketing.

Gone are the days when housewives were simply confined to the kitchen. Presently in this 21st century, the women are genuine lovers, caretakers, and significantly more to add to the rundown are good entrepreneurs as well. Alongside, they are utilizing technology and innovations to stay updated constantly.

There are some Digital Marketing courses, specially designed for housewives that they can learn and engage in to start a venture of their own from the comfort of their home and become more independent. Few pertinent reasons for housewives taking up Digital Marketing as a favorable career option are as follows:

  • Low investment
  • Work at your stead and convenience
  • Start and develop your own business
  • Trending profession
  • Freelancing opportunities
  • Easy learning
  • No need to leave the house
  • Fulfilling dreams and aspirations

Digital Marketing Course FAQs

We are running a Masters in Digital Marketing Course. If you want to learn digital marketing deeply about every topic then you should opt this course. Here, we are putting FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding the Institute and about Digital Marketing Courses in Jaipur.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing refers to the techniques to market different products and services with the aid of Advanced Digital Techniques that additionally incorporate mobile phones, advertising and other digital platforms. The Development of Digital Marketing over the past couple of years has offered a revolutionary approach by which businesses and brands have acquired technological innovations for marketing.

With digital platforms getting progressively integrated into marketing designs, regular day-to-day existence, people instead of visiting physical shops are increasingly availing online services, Digital Marketing Campaigns are winding up being more predominant and effective.

There are prominent digital marketing techniques, like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing and Automation, Data-Driven Marketing, Campaign Marketing, E-commerce Marketing, Display Advertising, Social Media Marketing, E-mail Direct Marketing.

How Digital Marketing will help in the Business?

Digital Marketing is the way by which you can save up to 60% of Marketing Budget. Also, you can run your advertisement according to the time, geographically, set of targeted audience and many more. Our Digital marketing course is very useful for your business if you are keen to increase your leads and conversion rate.

How Digital Marketing Course will help into my Career or Business?

The world is going Digital at a frenetic pace and by the time 2020 all users will be digitally active. Most of the companies around the world will have a formidable online presence thereby generating a lot of career and job opportunities. It’s a dynamic spectrum. With technological innovations building up each day, you need to consistently work on your Digital Marketing skills and abilities so as to keep your career growing.

The digital economy is expanding 10 times quicker than the traditional economy and companies that encourage online trading are twice as liable to generate employment opportunities as companies that aren’t. Digital Marketing renders you with various bright and promising career options as mentioned henceforth:

  • Digital Marketing Manager or Director
  • Web Developer and Web Designer
  • Social Media Executive
  • Social Media Manager
  • SEO Expert and Executive
  • PPC or SEM Expert
  • Content Developer and Marketer
  • CRM and Analytics Manager
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • E-Commerce Manager
  • Digital Agency Account Director

In this time of digitalization, the businesses are doing their best to be in the race. Entrepreneurs are bending over and making enormous efforts to achieve the development and progress of their businesses. Digital Marketing can support tech-savvy, aggressive, competitive and optimistic young entrepreneurs who are more educated, hopeful, and focused to comprehend and figure out how Digital Marketing can prosper their businesses in the long run.

Every company wants to promote their services and products. And nowadays everything is going digital. Business Owners are now using Marketing Techniques digitally. So, every company is approaching Digital Marketing to increase their revenue. Obviously, there is a wide scope of Digital Marketing. After doing the Digital Marketing Course you will get more opportunities in your career phase.

What is the Duration of Digital Marketing Course?

  • Master Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur – Duration – 12 Weeks (150 hrs. and 5 days in the week)

What would I learn in Digital Marketing Course?

Digital Marketing is an umbrella of various promotion and advertising tools, for which we are providing Masters Digital Marketing Course and more than 48 modules. We also keep updating our modules as per the industry scenario. Major topics are as below;

  • Digital Marketing Overview
  • Website Planning  & Development – WordPress
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization
  • Lead Generation for Businesses
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-commerce Marketing
  • Online Display Advertisements
  • Money Making Tool
  • Digital Marketing Strategies

And many more. You can check all the modules from our home page.

Will I be able to promote my Website on Search Engines after this course?

Yes! You will be able to promote the website on Search Engine. We will guide you and give 100% practical exposure to Search Engine Optimization Course. We will cover On-Page and Off-Page Optimization as well as Local SEO which will help you into the local promotions, in case if you have Local Business. SEO Course in Jaipur covers all the previous and latest tactics about the SEO Training.

What will be the Batch Size?

Normally, we consider 10 Students in our Digital Marketing Batch. Every trainee works on their or assigned projects by which one learns digital marketing techniques.

Will you provide the Study Material?

Yes! We draft study material for our trainees. Study Material in the Soft Format which helps in your further reference. Also, we will provide you with the Digital Marketing Study Material repository which will include some links which you can use in the future.

What is the Digital Marketing Course Fee in Jaipur?

Digital Marketing Training fee at DigiLearnings for Digital Marketing Course is affordable for everyone who wish to make their career in the digital marketing industry.

Masters in Digital Marketing Course – 12 weeks – INR 25,000 (In Installment – 30,000)

How can I Pay Fee?

There are several options to pay your digital marketing course fee in Jaipur. You can pay the fee via NEFT/IMPS/CASH/CHEQUE/Payment Wallet.

Is there any registration Fee?

We never charge any registration fee for Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur. But we have a simple registration procedure in which you can deposit a token amount which will be considered as a part of the fee.

Can I deposit my Fee in the Installments?

Yes! We make it comfortable for the students/trainee to deposit the digital marketing course fee in installments.

Do you provide any Demo Sessions?

No, we don’t provide any demo session.

You cannot judge the trainer’s ability and all digital marketing modules relevancy in one or two class.
But yes, after paying the fee you can attend a couple of classes. In case, if you think you are not able to understand or could not continue, we will refund your complete fee without any deduction.

What is your Fee Refund Policy?

DigiLearnings believes in Quality Training and Cares for his Trainees Satisfaction.

Majorly all the Institutes or Training Centers does not refund deposited fee from very next day but DigiLearnings is against this. We believe that you cannot compel/bind or pressurize any trainee to complete the training if he/she is not satisfied with quality of training or is not able to cope up with the Digital Marketing subject matters or due to any other reason.

At DigiLearnings we believe that trainee should be aware of each and every aspects of Digital Marketing and then he/she should continue with the Training Program.

At DigiLearnings, we give 4 days (Four Days) option to all trainees to understand this Training Program.  In these 4 days, trainees become well versed with the training environment and with all aspects of Digital Marketing.

If Trainee feels that this Training or Digital Marketing Field is not his Cup of Tea due to any of the reasons,

DigiLearnings refunds deposited fee without any deduction

If trainee feels that this Digital Marketing field is good for his/her Career / Business Growth, he/she can continue the Training Program and take further Classes.


If the trainee attends the class after 4th day, it is considered that the trainee is overall satisfied and will continue the training program. Further that, no refund is made.

Do I need to bring a laptop in the Digital Marketing class?

Digital Marketing is a completely practical course. You will work on your or assigned projects in the class, which will help you to understand the practical scenario.

I already have a website or do i require a new one?

No! you don’t need a new one.
The website is necessary to understand Digital Marketing Concepts. We teach you how to create the website on the Content management system(WordPress).
If you already have the website, we will help you to design it in a better way.

What is the Learning Outcome?

Linking the pivotal components of marketing to today’s online marketing channels. Understanding the digital marketing landscape and creating a case to influence online marketing techniques.

Developing a holistic perspective of social media marketing, search engine marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing, display advertisement, and several other vital means and mechanisms. Creating exemplary online brand building strategies that are effective and profit-worthy.

Driving website traffic, customer engagement, and conversion using content marketing tools and inbound marketing. Applying relevant marketing tools and concepts to measure, track and assess a yearly online marketing plan and utilize analytics to deliver actionable plans for improvements.

Strategizing, executing and optimizing online marketing campaigns successfully. Understanding and fabricating the operational framework to perform online marketing. Integrating fresh cutting-edge digital marketing tactics into your well planned marketing strategies.

What is the Scope of Digital Marketing?

There are innumerable ways in which brands can use Digital Marketing to the advantage of their marketing endeavors. In the Era of Digital Marketing, it not just enable brands to market and sell their products and services, but also takes into account online customer support services 24X7 to influence customers in feeling supported and esteemed.

The large-scale use of social media networking and interaction facilitates brands in garnering both positive and negative reviews from their customers and ascertaining the definite media platforms that functions admirably for them so that Digital Marketing holds a superior advantageous position in building those brands and businesses.

Nowadays, consumers regularly post online feedback through social media channels, websites and blogs about their perception and experience for a certain product or brand. It has become progressively relevant for companies to employ and encourage these dialogues and conversations through social media sources, connect with their customers directly and properly deal with the feedback they receive.

If your query is not in the listed questions and answers then please feel free to contact us at below given mobile number or email ( All your queries will be answered.

All the best for a bright career in Digital Marketing.