Digital Marketing In The Health Care Sector – A novel Approach

Digital marketing in the health care sector a novel approach

A new industry to enter – Making good health available to all.

As we know today how the digital marketing techniques are getting popular and entering almost every industry, the latest penetration is into the Healthcare sector.

What is the need of entering into the Health Industry?

The reason why both the sectors have come up as a combined venture, because of the behaviour of people, who are ready to search everything on Google.
What has been changed is the reaction and behaviour of people, when they are in need of any kind of medical surveillance, all they do is search their problem on Google and try to find remedies from the net.

Social media is also playing a very important role in influencing people about what to do in what situations and what not, and guess what ? they are successful in finding results.
People are actually connected to social media in large numbers and go through it several times a day.

Doctors are also being very helping as they are continuously posting blogs for the aid and prevention for dangerous diseases. Doctors from different medical associations are always up for answering queries of their patients online as well as others who may be experiencing such problems

These all practises are somehow connecting both the industries and increasing the bond.
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Nowadays, people are not shy about sharing their problems with others, moreover they want to open up about these issues and let the society know about what precautions need to be taken, therefore patient testimonials is something booming nowadays in the industry.
Even doctors are forward in making videos and giving interviews online while sharing different cases.

Digital marketing is actually the need and the sole platform where the most potential of any industry can be used. Many researches claim that people’s behaviour towards their health is effected by what they see on social media and other platforms of marketing.
For example videos on social media platforms suggests about what to eat and how to work out, and these tips are actually followed by people as they trust source and feel that they can gain a healthy lifestyle.

Even many medicine selling portals, and applications are flourishing today like Pharmeasy, Netmeds, Zoylo, etc. So overall the medical business is flourishing through digital marketing.
Healthcare sector is actually working with the aim of reaching large audiences and planning to spread awareness amongst as many people as possible.
It is a marketing strategy though, and healthcare sector is using digital marketing as a platform to  generate educational content, and enhance the user experience.

What does the future holds ?

Experts predict that by 2020 healthcare industry will worth USD 280 billion because of the digital marketing influence in the industry.

Why is the influence working so well?

Basically, people today have been more educated, bold and want to have one-to one communication with the healthcare industry, all they wish now is to take a well- planned decision while keeping all the factors in mind , they choose their doctors, hospitals online, as the services and facilities have increased and people now have more knowledge of what are the services needed very well.
Research suggest that most of the people age grouped between 18-24 trust what they see online regarding their health, consumers also like to interact with other patients, doctors, dieticians as well as consultants, so overall the digital medium has increased the potential of the healthcare industry.

Is the technique beneficial?

Some digital marketing techniques which are beneficial for the healthcare sector are as follows.
SEO (search engine optimization) In the medical industry, everyone wants to be on the top priority of the patients, and people trust Google more than anything today. SEO will help industries in the health care sector to rank up in the SERP’s.

Videos are the biggest source of information for people in the healthcare industry and many people search for videos to cure their ailments. Informational videos by doctors or consultants help patients to gain confidence and choose the best doctor/services.

Most of the public have become health conscious since the past few years, as a result almost 19%  of people from every age bar have installed fitness applications on their mobile phones.

Even hospitals today have their own websites, with providing information on all their services and facilities , what all doctors do they have and which all departments (kinds, cardiology, Gastronomy, dental, etc..) does the hospital offers.

How the sector is booming?

Today medical industry works on branding, a strong and powerful brand stability is must to acquire patients, you may take the example of Fortis, Appolo ,Cocon ( These are some hospital brands which have flourished like anything in the past few years.)
They have used digital marketing as  a stepping stone for reaching the public on a digital platform and letting them know about their well-experienced doctors and comfortable services.

This is how Digital marketing trends penetrated into the healthcare sector, although earlier it was not necessary to have this level of marketing but today as the digital age is approaching it has been a challenge for the healthcare industry to enter and let the audience know about their services and reach a new set of audience for the purpose of awareness.


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