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Digital Marketing Salary: -For any job or career option to choose, this question always pops up in the mind of the to be an employee.

Basically, all of our work on the basis of salary, so it is an important aspect of working. In this article, we will be discussing the salary information of digital marketers.

Know about this field

Digital marketing is basically a field where you can earn a decent amount of salary, and apart from it, one can also earn through various other digital marketing skill options.

For instance, if you are working as a digital marketer with a firm, along with it you can earn on your blog ( from Ads or affiliate marketing ) other than this you can earn as a freelancer Or an influencer too.

So, in this field, you can have various ways to earn money.

Basic salary as a Fresher/ Digital Marketing Associate

For a fresher, the average salary in India at starting or entry-level can start from 10k/month to 15k/month.

It can actually vary from organization to organization, and some other factors such as locality, and most importantly your skills and level of expertise you have.

If you are open and comfortable in the digital environment through some internships or training, it might get easier for you to attain a better package.

Overall your average annual income can be INR 2,75,890.

SEO specialist

Seo plays a vital role and is the evergreen part of the company. The work of SEO is sustaining and converting traffic. It is one of the best role to specialize and requires SEO tools such as google analytics, google tag manager SEMrush, search console.
For a fresher, the salary may be on an average scale but after the experience, the pay scale keeps on rising.
Seo analysts must have a good knowledge of the algorithm and technical SEO. Proper placements and stuffing of keywords and providing appealing content with these keywords is a part of the job
The average salary of a search engine optimization executive is approx Rupees 2,20,000 in India

Social Media Marketing

Social media executive is the face of the organization. Social media marketing is an influential marketing.

Even before planning a website or app companies start promoting through social media. The number of times social media drives the traffic and help in keeping the engagement salaries generate on the type of result you generate.

Social media executive direct communication with the customers so they need to be energetic and positive towards their work
The average salary of a social media manager is 5,60,000 approx

Digital Marketing Executive

A digital marketing executive is a well-reputed post in India, which requires 2-3 years of experience and well trained in skills.

These people work in a good post in organizations.

The average Digital Marketing Salary of Executive ranges from INR 4,98,000 to INR 5,40,000 per year.

These people can get good incentives and bonuses based on their performance which can overall increase their package.

Digital Marketing Assistant Manager

The digital marketing assistant manager is not just considered as a digital marketer but also complete management personnel. The duties are more as compared to the executive.

The assistant manager has to overall take care of the company marketing campaigns.

Moreover, he has to check whether the marketing campaigns are working well or not and what better measures can be taken to improve that.

The basic average Digital Marketing Salary of Assistant Manager is INR  6,36,176 per year.

It can go up based on the company’s profit.

Digital Marketing Manager

This is the highest post that a digital marketer can attain. This post comes with a lot of responsibilities and basically, a digital marketing manager has to look at the complete company marketing activity.

A manager is someone who manages all, likewise, a digital marketing manager suggests the best marketing plan, activities and how to reach more and more potential customers along with what is the best policy for the company to gain more profit through the marketing activities.

The digital marketing manager also collaborates online marketing activities with offline or traditional marketing activities.

It is his role to have a combined and relative marketing activity both online and offline.

The basic average Digital Marketing Salary of the Manager is INR 7,20,000 per year.

Extra Earnings

A digital marketer is a quite smart person because he will not always only rely on the salary which his/her organization is providing. But, apart from this, he will surely have some other sources of income.

We can help you with a few of them.


A digital marketer can always freelance and utilize his skills. Freelancing is a good option for adding the cherry on the cake. Freelancing provides good opportunities and well-paid projects.


One can always fulfill his or her dream and the talent to write content on his favorite topic, and make it reach a large audience.

Blogging, Vlogging are some famous trendy options people follow to fulfill their passion as well as earn by monetizing their blog.

3.Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate is a very good and amazing platform for people wanting to earn commissions through their blogs or social media profiles. If you have good connections and a lot of people who follow you, this can be the best option for you from which you can earn an extra income.

Affiliate is a simple process of promoting goods and services on your behalf and earning commissions on the basis of sale from your side

Apart from this, there are many more options available to a digital marketer so as to earn an extra hand on his basic salary. Therefore you can be a digital marketer work with a firm as well as for yourself too.

This was a basic layout about how the salary chart of a digital marketer goes, which can be referred for people who want to get into this field or are planning a career into the field of Digital Marketing.

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