Digital Marketing Training Program

The Course is suitable for Business Owners and Professionals.

In Digital Marketing Executive Training Program having 10 modules and every session will be for 90 minutes, 5 days in a week. The Program is focused on “how to manage digital marketing team, work distribution and reporting.”

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Course modules

Module 1 - Digital Marketing Overview
  1. Digital Marketing Introduction
  2. Types of Digital Marketing
  3. Steps of Digital Marketing
  4. Digital Marketing Tools
Module 2 - Design for Marketing
  1. Use of Designs in Marketing
  2. Importance of Fonts and Color
  3. Brand Identity Guidelines
  4. Free / Paid Tools for Designs
Module 3 - Website Planning
  1. Understanding Websites
  2. Types of Websites (Function wise and Purpose wise)
  3. Choose the right platform for website
  4. Requirement for Website
  5. Website Structure and CTAs
Module 4 - Search Engine Optimization
  1. Search Engines Introduction
  2. Types and Work of Search Engines
  3. Understanding Keywords
  4. Types of Keywords
  5. Keyword Research and Necessity
  6. Understanding Search Engine Optimization
  7. Types of SEO (On Page and Off Page SEO)
  8. Link Building Procedure
  9. Local SEO
  10. Google Algorithms
Module 5 - Google Analytics
  1. SEO Audit, Tracking and Reporting
  2. Link Google Analytics to the Website
  3. Understanding Concept of Analytics
  4. Setup Goal, Funnel and Events in the Website
  5. Link Tracking through Link Tagging
Module 6 - Lead Generation
  1. Understanding Leads
  2. Lead Generation Tools
    1. Email Marketing
    2. Advertisement (Google and Social Media Ads)
    3. Creatives and Landing Page
Module 7 - Email Marketing
  1. Understanding Email Marketing
  2. Single Opt-In and Double Opt-In Listing
  3. Email Marketing tools
  4. Email Database
Module 8 - Social Media Marketing
  1. Understanding Social Media Marketing
  2. Tools for Social Media marketing and Choosing right tools
  3. Facebook Optimization
  4. Facebook and Instagram Ads
  5. LinkedIn Optimization and Ads
  6. Google Plus Optimization
  7. Using Twitter for Marketing
  8. Video Marketing via YouTube
Module 9 - PPC Advertisement
  1. Understanding Online Paid Advertisement
  2. Google AdWords Account Setup and Structure
  3. Setup Search Ads
  4. Setup Display Ads
  5. Setup Video Ads
  6. Setup Ecommerce Ads
  7. Setup ads for Mobile Applications
  8. Remarketing and Conversion Tracking
Module 10 - Digital Marketing Strategy
  1. Understanding 8 P’s
  2. Marketing Mix
  3. Using Tools for Digital Marketing Strategy
  4. Reporting

about the course

Managing a team properly is a part of Cost Optimization. In the Digital Marketing Daily Procedure defines many important tasks. To manage the digital marketing team, need to be updated about Digital Marketing Tools as well as strategy and reporting. The Digital Marketing Executive Training Program will help into it.


  • 30 hrs. Practical Sessions
  • Govt. Certificates
  • Google and Facebook Certificates
  • Printed Handouts
  • Strategy Formats
  • Backup Sessions
  • Free Consultancy

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