Effective SEO Secrets Which Are Fading With the Time

SEO secrets

On contrary to the ongoing general notions, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a “no rocket science”. Now, this statement helps in a great way in lowering the associated tension with the particular topic. Actually, SEO is not that hard, but we can say, is quite a misunderstood source of digital marketing. This is mainly performed to bring organic traffic to the website. Not only this, creates the pressure of creative thinking but also demands fast-paced approach to strategies.

Eventually, we tend to discard the value of methods which are time consuming but effective. Gradually, these discarded strategies get the tag of old-school SEO methods and remain unveiled to many newbies. In this article, we have summed up some of those buried secrets of SEO, which can help you look at your strategies from a different perspective. Surprisingly, the enigmas which we are going to list below may help you get nearer to the ranking even faster:

  • Bargain Well for the Links: Often, you come across some really experienced digital marketing personnel and you wonder asking them about the link building. To your surprise, you get all the bad mouthed reviews about link building strategies. Certainly, that’s not the scenario. Even though you see that Moz has ranked the domain links much higher, you hardly hear any real time endorsements of this method. Here is a hack! Content is the king. Definitely, you will need the bloggers and websites which can provide you link, but for that, you will have to produce well-researched content. These may include the industry interviews, predictions, posts which are curious or controversial in nature or concrete stats on the industry.
  • Focus on the Least: Google has provided so many guidelines, which seems incomprehensible. To keep everything in alignment, and not go overworked out of studying all the related guidelines, you can always rely on focusing on top 3 of them all. Three major factors which may act as a catalyst are, Content, Links, and RankBrain. Apart from link building and content, RankBrain focuses on assisting Google in rolling out the search results. It is more like an Artificial Intelligence which works for Google. We can say, it is RankBrain, on which, everything about appearing in the suitable results depends. On the behavior and nature of RankBrain, Gary Illyes says, “If you try to write like a machine then RankBrain will just get confused and probably just pushes you back. But if you have a content site, try to read out some of your articles or whatever you wrote, and ask people whether it sounds natural. If it sounds conversational, if it sounds like natural language that we would use in your day to day life, then sure, you are optimized for RankBrain.”
  • A Trial Featured Snippets: Most of the site holders keep a distance from featured snippets as they assume it loses the real traffic.Practically, it seems right but results show a different picture. If you think from a long-term perspective, featured snippets are the most harmless. In fact, your site gets a free endorsement from Google, because the search engine itself has chosen your content as the best answer. It implants trust in the mind of visitors and they may remain hooked to your content type in future as well. One full-time hack for this can be, focus on uneasy queries, so that, you are more likely to reach to an intelligent and really seeking an audience.
  • User Intent Is the Key: You rank number one, but every time in the irrelevant searches. Tracking the user intent is the key to the success of every business type. It is not the fancy rankings but user endorsements which make the business worthwhile. Bringing visitors on the page is not rocket science, but sustaining them can be. Be all relevant to the users’ needs and nothing will go in vain. With rising bounce rates and decreasing sustainment, your page may linger nowhere in the Google rankings.
  • Stuff Fitting Words: One of the key factors which play a hefty role in enriching the rankings is content. Here, by content, we mean everything, but not irrelevant and low readable content. Simply surround your strategies around below content strategy for making a guilt-free digital marketing approach:
  1. Make space for keywords in the description and initial paragraphs.
  2. Boost the readability.
  3. Make space for the keywords in internal, as well as, external links.

Apart from the basic keyword strategy, there is one more thing, which acts as a catalyst in the rankings. This is the usage of “relevant terminologies”. As the name suggests, “relevant terminologies”, make for the words which are very near to the meanings of actual keywords. It is like making a trail of relativity with your actual keywords. In this, you not only put the content on related keywords but also, also scratch the content around it. This is more like roasting the keyword possibilities with as much content variety as possible.

As mentioned in the title, above points have been called as SEO secrets. However, they are none of some goofy secrets, but over the time has camouflaged amidst so many other evolving factors. In fact, these are the solutions, which hover in front of our eyes, but we choose to make them a choice, in place of a priority. With little more research on the current scenarios, you can easily, crack the deal alone with these factors in practice. Yes, your competitors are also working in the same direction, but, consistency with above factors earn the spurs.

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