The Importance of Q&A in SEO | Why Question Answer Sites Ranking Higher?

The Importance of Q&A in SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Hello folks, today we are going to talk about Questions and Answers websites and their importance in SEO. There are huge number of SEO’s who do the Q&A activity while promoting any brand or service to get organic traffic. A lot of Q&A websites are available freely or paid version on the internet. Some well known free websites are Quora, Yahoo Answers, Blurtit, etc.

Let us understand What’s a Q&A site and how does it work?

Question answers website is a platform for put your queries online to get proper answers from the experts. There are various genuine persons to give best reply to your query. You can ask anything or any topic on Q&A website. The importance of Q&A in SEO plays a vital role for the neutral linking. Refers to the traditional type of Q&A sites, the whole concept refers to the following four groups:

Social Q&AStandard Q&AHow to GuidesQ&A Search Engines
Main EssenceSocial InteractionSpecific AnswersLearn New ThingsFind Specific Answers
Usage and participation,Ask Question/Answer, leave commentAsk Question/Answer, leave commentLeave commentsSearch Queries, score/rank results
Marketing ValueLink, Traffic, BrandingLink, Traffic, BrandingTrafficTraffic
ExamplesQuora, Ardvark, Formspring, FB AnswersYahoo Answers, AOL answers, Fluther, Stackexchange network, AskvilleWikihow, Ehow, How Stuff, True Knowledge, Wolphram Alpha

Checkout the Advantages/Importance of Q&A in SEO

  1. People Google More Questions Than Generic Keywords

It doesn’t indicate that the search level of common keywords is higher. But we can plainly see that there surely is an extreme upsurge in the search level of question quarries, while at the same time a slight reduction in the search level of generic most important keywords. The best interesting fact of the phenomenon is that it happens with keywords from the same matter.

For example, here is a comparison between your search level of both common and questions quarries for iPhone keywords (it’s “exact” search):

Generic KeywordsQuestion Searches
iPhoneHow much does an iPhone cost
Unlock iPhoneHow to unlock iPhone
New iPhoneHow much a new iPhone cost
iPhone AppsHow to install apps in iPhone
Buy iPhoneWhere i can buy an iPhone

Note: The queries SERP results get more clicks on Q&A websites as compared to normal websites.

  1. QA sites have grown to be a lot more popular now

Another evidence because of this phenomenon, are available in the actual fact that the traffic to QA and “how to” sites has been considerably increasing within the last calendar year. Using Compete contrast, we can easily see the every year change among many of these sites (unique guests):

  1. Q&A pages placed higher in search results

It appears that web pages from QA sites ranking pretty much in organic and natural serp’s. These web pages are highly on-page optimized for the key keywords, well involved by the users and are consistently kept up to date by users. Below are a few explanations why these internet pages might get ranking high:

  • Serp’s variety – For every query, Google will offer different sorts of websites and content in the organic and natural results, to be able to diverse it’s offering for users. So for example, if we will search “Michael Jackson”, the serp’s includes links to different sorts of websites and content: Wikipedia, videos, music sites, mag/news sites etc. Therefore, we can think of QA sites as an unbiased band of content, that will be ranked high for most queries.
  • Frequently up to date content – People always wish to reveal their knowledge by responding to questions related with their specialization. Whether in community forums, professional neighborhoods or QA sites. People will usually add new responses/answers to such webpages. Of course, if new content is generally made – you can be certain that Google will be there to index it and prioritize it over “dead” web pages. Another aspect that definitely plays a part in the richness of this content is user proposal. Things such as commenting, credit scoring and voting make these web pages very valuable for users.
  • Well on-page marketing – Almost all of these internet pages include various elements, that happen to be an essential area of the on-page search engine optimization factors (e.g. subject, meta information, related tags and text message). To begin with, every one of these elements includes the key keywords of the precise question. Also, the inner linking structure helps the marketing level (e.g. “related questions” in each question web page, “Recent answers” in user’s account, recent questions in main categories etc). For example, look into a question webpage from Pro Website owners:
  1. Great possibility to diversify your back links profile

It’s always advised to add links from various sorts of websites in your back links account, rather than to focus just using one type (e.g. websites, forums, media sites, public bookmarks/sites, static sites etc…). Quite simply there are two significant reasons why you need to get links from various resources. if your links result from sites for example, it will be won’t look natural. Much more likely to be flagged by Google. It’s a lot more natural that folks will web page link from various locations rather than only 1 kind of sites.

  1. Pages that people prefer linking to

Suppose you published some really nice little bit of content about auto insurance for your site. Because you want to make it great for your users, you will web page link from it to exterior sources in another framework. But which webpages do you want to probably connect to? Will you connect to some web pages from commercial/firm websites, or even to some Q&A or “how to” web pages? Let`s say for example that both options have the same relevancy to your articles, and both offer with a slim subject that you can’t find on Wikipedia. I’m confident that you’ll choose the next option in such circumstance.

Why do people would prefer to connect to such sources?

  • Mindset – The action of linking from our site to a commercial website may be interpreted as an action of solitude or recognition between us and having said that company. This may make us rule it out in at point blank, subconsciously. Therefore, there are high chances that Q&A web pages will gain natural links.
  • Value – discussing Q&A and “how to” web pages is a lot more valuable for users. Picture yourself reading a fascinating article and all of a sudden bumping into a web link – wouldn’t you like that it requires that you a natural source to guide you and educate you on something new (or will grow existing knowledge)?
  • No problem finding – When i published before, Q&A and “how to” web pages are positioned well in SERPs for their advanced of on-page search engine optimization. The most frequent move to make if you want to find the proper source to connect to – is to find it. EASILY want to web page link from a paragraph that handles cooking food thanksgiving turkey for example, I would seek out “how to prepare a turkey” and can probably get results from Q&A and “how to” sites.
  1. Build your own Q&A advantage and gain natural links

The ultimate way to reap the benefits of this action and attract links, is to determine your own Q&A property. This sort of advantage can be built on another domain or over a subdomain/subfolder in your existing site. There are a great number of free wide open source alternatives for building such systems, just choose one (it’s fairly ironic which i effortlessly found the Q&A site which I’m linking to right now, using the same strategy I’ve described in the last paragraph J).

  • Publish about 10-20 primary questions that includes your primary keywords. You can examine in other popular Q&A sites what exactly are the most frequent questions being asked, and imitate them. Also, it’s strongly suggested to focus on questions with low-middle competition in SERPs (only in the very beginning of the process).
  • Leave comprehensive answers to these questions. But don’t undertake it simultaneously, use a few hours interval so that it can look more natural. If you’d like it to look even more natural, you may use different identities instead.
  • Drive traffic to your brand-new section using public multimedia (retweet new questions, talk about on Facebook, email your entire friends, hyperlink from your homepage, require reviews in discussion boards etc). If it’ll bring value, I’m sure shortly after start, users begins asking and responding to questions. And when the source can be an authority of the sort out – links will inevitably follow.
  1. Targeted prospects = better conversion

Suppose you are a blackjack fan, and then month you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas for a holiday. Since this will be your first stop by at Vegas, it’s fair that you’ll search questions like “Which gambling establishment gets the best blackjack game in Las Vegas”. You will strike a Quora final result:

  • Traffic – if you leave such thorough answers with links in several question, it may bring you some really nice and targeted prospects.
  • Alteration – if the traffic is geared to your niche market, there are high chances that those users could become customers.
  • Hyperlink from a Q&A site – although using cases they aren’t followed, they remain counted in the entire back links computation. And like I’ve discussed earlier – it’s a terrific way to diverse your back links account.

Is Q&A sites are really important for SEO?

Questions and answers websites have become much popular now and people are looking for queries as compared to generic keywords in search engines. That is why Q&A websites are very important for SEO community and cannot be ignored while doing SEO for anyone.

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