Is YouTube a useful learning tool?

Is youtube a useful learning tools

In March 2018, ‘Exam’ was the most searched word and in the meantime, the audience engagement with top education channels on YouTube also increased. According to YouTube India, the time to look at these channels has increased two and a half times over the last one year. This growing interest in YouTube’s education content affirms that this platform is no longer just a way to entertain, but it is also an important learning tool.

In the last two years, the growth of Hindi top education channels has left behind. Here the content related to Test and Exam Preparation was found in the most popular content category. Surely YouTube’s access to the content has increased in all parts of the country, and more and more education-technology companies are now registering their presence on YouTube.

According to Gaurav Garg, founder of channel study IQ, who made preparations for government exams, when we started as a YouTube channel in 2015, it was just a branding platform. However, the reactions received from this have inspired us. There were not enough channels to prepare PCS, IBPS and current affairs at that time. There was also a lack of content in Hindi, which helped us increase the number of users. Along with the Study Eye Q, along with many English such as Learn English with Let’s Talk, WiFi Study, Unacademy, Learning Engineering, which are now helping students in their studies.


Ordinary YouTube is a totally useful mastering device as it’s always there with the identical video which you might have visible previously that defined your hassle in the sort of way which you understood it. In impact, it acts as an ‘extra lesson’ however on a particular topic so optimistically your questions might speak back. In some cases, it allows for further research to be completed into a subject if it is going on to say an advised video has some relevance.

A Classroom in Your Pocket

Beyond the delivery of lecture content, free video-on-demand platforms are being adapted for a variety of educational uses: the creation of subject-specific playlists, the “flipped” classroom (where the students do the work outside of class, then meet to discuss), student-produced reflective videos, assessment and feedback and various blended learning formats. All of these possibilities allow for very flexible delivery to smart-phones and tablet computers as well as the more traditional desktop PCs and laptops.

Online Lectures and Tutorials

TED (the Technology Education and Design Conference) has become a global force in education since the first conference was staged in Monterey, California, in 1990, just a short drive down Interstate 101 from Silicon Valley.

With 450,000 people a day watching more than 1900 free lectures from top-rated speakers on almost every conceivable topic, TED Talks hosted on YouTube are doing for educational videos what David Attenborough has been doing for nature documentaries since the 1970s, setting the standard for others to follow.

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