Know more about THE CAN-SPAM ACT, 2003 for Email Marketing

THE CAN-SPAM ACT, 2003 for Email Marketing

The CAN –SPAM ACT was started by the U.S president George W Bush. The act was passed to stop Email Marketing of spam emails including Pornographic content.

Earlier the act was not applied with such a high zeal, but after that the success rate increased and the supply of emails with explicit content went gradually down.

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The original act was modified after some time, as it changed the meaning of the terms like the sender, and clarifying the receiving rights by opt-out preferences.

According to the improvised act all emails should have a right to unsubscribe or we may say decline any email. The e-mails will be judged by their headings and subheadings, which should not be False or Misleading.

Basically there are 3 contexts which have to be taken care of including

The Content

  • Accurate Subject lines – telling about what the mail is about.
  • Clear statement of the sender i.e. “ Sender “
  • A label or proper declaration of adult content.
  • Proper address of the sender or the advertiser.

The Unsubscribe Facility

  • Clear and Visible unsubscribe button
  • Opt-out requests should be reviewed within 10 business days.

And, The Sender Behaviour

  • A message should not be sent without an unsubscribe option.
  • Null messages are not allowed
  • E-mail without the subject line will not be considered.
  • Valid header is important.

So these are some factors which makes an Email valid for sending. No adult or explicit content is accepted and is considered under the title “ADLT” while Relationship and transactional message are considered different.

This Act has been passed and currently in work in the United States of America, It would be an honour for India to have such an act passed.

Better and clearly specified emails with a reduction in the Spammy content will eventually increase the quality of mails and reduction in unwanted mails.

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