How To Learn SEO In 10 Days?: The SEO is very cheap and best technique to promote your business/website/services on search engines. But SEO is still really complicated process. Many businesses research SEO initiatives of other companies to know about how they are doing SEO. Once you learn that SEO is more than simply doing keywords repetition, then you find ways to be sure that internet marketing via SEO isn’t their problem any longer. Understanding basic strategies of SEO and information can make your business better. SEO can be placed into all your strategies and promotions.

It will not take long to learn the fundamentals of SEO. The below given education plan deliver training to learn SEO in only 10 days. Learn SEO fundamentals means you can now understand SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING clearly.

Check the day-wise schedule to Learn SEO in 10 Days

  • Days 1-3: Learning the fundamentals of how the Search Engine’s work, What is One Page and Off Page Optimization and How it works, and Google’s algorithm updates history.
  • Day 4: Learning and setting up analytical tools and webmaster tool. Prepared to actually measure the websites issues, goal and traffic.
  • Day 5: Exploring your opponents and research about what keywords will be the best for your business.
  • Times 6-8: Understanding link construction, putting up different types of link building techniques and back link creation.
  • Day 9: Know about local SEO and How to do it.
  • Day 10: Measuring the success of your SEO efforts.

Learn SEO BASICS (Days 1-3)

Day 1: Watch some video tutorial about basic SEO, video recording from Matt Cutts. Follow websites like Moz, HubSpot, SearchEngineLand, SearchEngineJournal NeilPatel etc to stay updated about the current changes and updates in SEO tactics. Google update search engine algorithm on a regular basis and it is very hard for SEO specialists to keep their sites optimized constantly. You must understand the major changes to be truly acquainted with SEO.

Day 2: On-page SEO is the standard form of SEO and is also usually what folks think of when they think about SEO marketing. On-page SEO consists of content, meta tags, URLs, inner linking and website structures. You can find out about on page SEO in details from various blogs.

Day 3: Off-page SEO differs from the above point. Off-page SEO is whatever influences your site presence in the search engine that isn’t visible on your web page. Find out more in-depth information on SEO at DigiLearnings website.


Now you have to setup your analytics. A huge number of companies and individuals prefer to use Google Analytics. You can setting up begin doing this yourself the following.

Now you have to create and verify your profile on Google search console. By this, you can view your site just how Google views it. This assists you better improvement in your SEO with Google’s algorithm.

Research AND Analysis (Day 5)

Keyword research isn’t that you can do with an instant Google search. Nick Eubanks demonstrate exactly how to get started on becoming a keyword research expert in his one-week course. The course isn’t free, and given via email, you’ll get one every day that points out different successful ways of keyword research.

Research your competitors about how much traffic they receive, what keywords and key phrases they are concentrating, their content strategy and social media presence. Your SEO strategy should be designed around your rivals. You can learn this keyword research and analysis from this program.


Day 6: Link building is actually just another term for off-page SEO. When top quality links connect to your website, this raises your ranking in search result. This is very difficult than you may think. Read out off page SEO techniques to learn about link building methods.

Days 7-8: After having a look at link building methods, it is time to create quality back links. Use every resource to build a nice link with the use of SEO strategies.


SEO is generally associated with global ranking, but that isn’t always the situation. Some companies are working globally, like Coca-Cola. But imagine if you’re a restaurant owner? You want people in town to have the ability to find you. Resources like Google My Business, which Local SEO guide can get you where you should be.


You have various SEO tools you need. Now, you should actually evaluate all the success you’ve applied. This includes search engine rankings, referrals, conversion rate etc. Measure every aspect of your work and their effect to judge the success of your SEO efforts.


So, this is the very short program to learn SEO in 10 days. This short SEO program really helpful for SEO beginners. If you want to learn in class training of SEO course in Jaipur then visit the link to know more. There is a very good career opportunities after finish this government certified SEO training in Jaipur.

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