How do normal people use these apps VS how digital marketers use it

digital marketers and normal people using app

Marketing has always been about finding the appropriate location and the perfect moment to engage with your target customers. In the modern environment, it involves meeting people where they have been already spending their time. Today, almost every individual has engaged on different platforms whether for their professional or personal uses. Throughout the last decade, technology has evolved significantly.

Today’s smartphones are nothing less than tiny computers in a hand-held package. Apps are the most popular method for individuals to use them. Applications are software programs designed to make our lives simpler or more enjoyable in some manner. Because of the effect of technology, contemporary marketing has fundamentally altered the manner wherein the marketers brand as well as promote their businesses products and services.

Digital marketing is always developing, and new options are presented to marketers on a daily basis. These apps are really the buzz of the marketing industry partially due to the vast amount of relevant information that becomes accessible as a result of their widespread use and popularity. Apps that are properly configured will enable analytics to be gathered, such as the number of downloads, use, and behavior, amongst other information. 

To integrate the uses of apps as a digital marketer most individuals are planning to enroll in a digital marketing training institute in Jaipur which assists them to determine how effectively they can use them for marketing purposes. The digital marketing course in Jaipur is comprised of new ideas to accumulate innovative trends in their modules such as unique uses of mobile applications. Now, individuals can easily integrate the effective uses of mobile applications for the purpose of unique marketing. 

Let’s have a look at how normal people use these apps VS how digital marketers use them

Quora: Quora is the site or platform on which people can get the answers to their questions. This platform is to create informative content and provide adequate information on the asked question which are being asked by the people.

How normal people use Quora: 

  • Normal people use this platform to get the answers of their questions.
  • Some people use it to explore ideas and information.
  • To get the accurate answer to their own or real-world issues.
  • Some people use this site to get aware of what type of questions are being asked by the people.

How digital marketers use it

  • Digital marketers use quora to create their brand identity and to make individuals aware of it.
  • They use it to know what questions are being asked by the people related to digital marketing and what are the most trending topics currently.
  • Digital marketers use Quora to create backlinks and support SEO practices. 
  • Digital marketer posts answers related to the question to create interaction with the audience.

Digital marketing institutes in Jaipur have introduced the effective uses of Quora for the purpose of digital marketing in their course. Now, individuals can grab knowledge in the same easily. 



Netflix is one of those sites which is totally based on web series, movies, TV shows, etc. It creates a premium on the basis of the year, month, and days that the subscriber has to purchase. 

 How normal people use Netflix

  • After the situation of COVID 19, everything shifted on virtual platforms. During the lockdown, the theaters were closed and during this duration specifically, the majority of people started to watch movies online.
  • To watch Web -series, movies, TV shows, matches, etc. 

How digital marketers use it

  • Customer relationship management.
  • Works on customer experiences.
  • Digital marketer keeps in mind modern marketing tactics to capture the attention of costumer.
  • Integrate how modern marketing services work.
  • Implement Netflix strategies for a better reach in the target market.

Some of the Digital marketing courses in Jaipur can assist you to determine the uses of Netflix as a digital marketer uniquely and ideologically. So, it would be a great opportunity to explore more options of apps that we are using in daily life. 



Online dating is a way for singles to meet and form romantic ties with other individuals they’ve never met in person, mainly through the Internet. Swipe-right services are available in a broad range of ways, that are mostly profile-based in nature. In order to become a “subscription” on an online dating site, a user must create a profile and submit personal information such as their age, gender, and location. Adding photographs and videos to your profile is usually encouraged by most services as well. As soon as a profile is established, users may browse other members’ profiles in order to determine whether or not to begin communication. There are a plethora of different online dating services available right now. Some have a large number of members who are interested in a wide range of partnerships. In contrast, other sites focus on certain populations depending on their qualities and relationship type. Based on the way they make money, online dating services might vary greatly from one another.

How normal people use it

  • They use it for dating.
  • To find an appropriate match.

How digital marketers use it

  • They use it to know what makes people swipe.
  • To evaluate the awareness of people and their interaction level on such websites.

There is no specific use of Bumble integrated by the digital marketing institute in Jaipur in their course module but you can get to know how to increase the interaction with the people which is needed to be learned by a digital marketer. 



Spotify app has all the playlists for all the music lovers and people can listen to their favorite Artists, Songs, and Albums for Free on this platform. In contrast to physical or digital sales, which pay artists a set fee per track or album sold, Spotify distributes revenue to artists in proportion to the number of plays their songs get in comparison to the total number of streams for all songs. Spotify is a music streaming service that is compatible with a wide variety of electronic gadgets, including personal computers running Windows, macOS, and Linux, mobile devices running iOS and Android, and tablets.

How normal people use it

  • They use it for tracking down new songs.
  • Some people use it for making their playlist reach high.
  • Some people are amazing speakers or writers, and they can record their voices to broadcast on Spotify.

How digital marketers use it

  • They try to find the trending audios.
  • They work on trending audio.
  • To be within the reach of trending music so that they can use it on different platforms according to its need and uses. 

The basic use of Spotify that students can understand after enrolling in a digital marketing course in Jaipur is to get updates on trends. Start it from music and then have a shift on other platforms. Currently, advertising and updates on social media platforms have become a reality.



Individuals who use Gmail through a web browser or a mobile phone may send and receive an email for free. Searching for spam and viruses, as well as putting contextually relevant adverts next to emails are some of the functions of Google’s mail servers, which automatically do these tasks. Due to worries about third-party surveillance, this advertising approach has been heavily condemned by privacy groups. It is possible for Google to amend its rules to further diminish privacy by merging information with other Google data use if users of other email providers don’t consent to the policy when sending emails to Gmail addresses.

How normal people use it

  • People use it for the purpose of important e-mail sharing.
  • Share documents.
  • Share photos through emails.
  • Mail can be forwarded for personal and professional uses.

How digital marketers use it 

  • Use multiple channels associate with Gmail such as drive, meet, etc.
  • Schedule, start, and join meetings.
  • Create shared task lists in spaces and assign tasks.
  • To enlarge the reach by connecting with location, national and international users. 

A digital marketing course in Jaipur will assist you to determine how to build a connection with the audience, how to be within their reach, how to update them, and its optimum benefits.

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