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It is said, “Successful people make decisions faster and change them slowly”. Of course, those are not up to that mark, get stuck in the loophole of vice-versa. Similarly, a right decision regarding your study of SEO reveals a lot about your future perspective as a digital marketer. This creates a need to know the cores of SEO knowledge and then polishing them with the practical approach.

In this uncut guide to Search Engine Optimization, we will start with the understanding of SEO.

Definition: Search Engine Optimization, in itself, is a huge term but is more of a part of Search Engine Marketing. SEO is an imperative term for doing noteworthy things in the field of digital marketing

  1. A Saviour Domain: An e-business is all about building the website which recognized behind a domain name. You can carry some of the below things while getting a domain on-board:
  • Know your target audience.
  • What is your motive behind starting the website? Will it revolve around the ideas or you are going to sell something tangible?
  • Keywords fitting in the domain.
  • What is your unique approach to this business idea?
  • Find a domain which is able to snuggle in the minds of a mass audience.

Designs Which Go With SEO: Giving your website a convoluted layout may be a huge turn off for the audience. It is the most important to get your website indexed. Below points may help you in designing the websites with a great deal:

  • You can conveniently turn off the frames in the design section. While luring the Search Engines, frames can be easily avoided.
  • Try relying on more text rather than just HTML.
  • Javascript should not be brought into the use.
  • Simple keeps it going. You can happily avoid GIFs and any other such flashy stuff.
  1. Renowned SEO Methods: SEO methods are as sorted as defining in two points. This includes:

White Hat: As the name suggests, white is approvable. Search Engines favors white hat SEO methods. Some of the key points of white hat SEO are:

  • Getting the Google guidelines on board.
  • It includes making content for the purpose of users and not for the search engines.
  • It circulates the content type which gets easily indexed.
  • Premium quality web pages are followed.

Black Hat: As the name suggests, these tactics are not favorite of Google. Hence, it doesn’t approve it. Usually, black hat Search Engine Optimization includes:

  • This includes the practices such as taking the users to pages which are not approved by the Search Engine.
  • Putting such description in meta tag which includes keywords but does not include any relevant text.
  1. Keyword Optimization: Everything revolves around the keyword, which concludes frequency, proximity and placement practices of keywords.
  1. Link building Process: Link building is one of the most time consuming yet result in yielding technique. It includes:
  • Getting the link from an outer website which has higher rankings.
  • Link building works like a two-edged sword as it makes your website renowned.

Another step involves Mobile SEO which revolves around making a website which is mobile friendly. This covers a huge amount of audience, as a major amount of population uses, mobile devices. You must keep following points in mind:

  1. Try to keep mobile pages friendly.
  2. Very large images utilized in the website.
  3. Too much use of pop-ups and plugins.

Tools you can rely upon:

  1. Moz Local
  2. Screaming Frog
  3. Web Testing Tool
  4. Webmaster Tool

Search Engine Activities to be performed

To perform Search Engine Optmization, understanding search engine activities is important. Things which help Search Engine are:

  • Crawling: The process sounds quite uncomplex but is a huge a task performed by Search Engines.
  • Indexing: Getting your website indexed is as important as running it. It is like describing your page in the best possible manner. It can be said to have the words which can completely manifest the idea behind your page.
  • Further Processing: It includes everything from keeping searches intact to keep a look at the search engine requests.
  • Relevant Calculation: It effectively checks the scope of relevancy which helps in providing the details of every page.
  • Result Yielding: Delivering the best results can be a core deciding factor of every search engine activity.
  1. SEO Types on the basis of Strategies:

On Page SEO: It entirely revolves around great content type and positioning of the content. There are various on-page optimization strategies which are supported by backlinks, content write-ups, Google Page rank etc. On Page SEO includes:

  1. On page Optimization Strategies
  2. Domain Name Plans
  3. Google Keyword Planner
  4. Image Naming, ALT Tags Creation
  5. Headings Tags, Link Title Option and Anchor Text

Off Page SEO: Off page SEO is a lot about the old and gold link building process and making the submissions in the open directory. Various off page services mention blog posting, forum posting, social bookmarking and RSS Feeds etc.

  1. SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is one of the important parts of SEO which says:

A purpose which describes SEO copywriting is the high ranking of search engines. It completes all the needs of search engines

SEO tutorial favors self-learners. Getting accommodated with Google analytics is crucial, but along with this, implementing them practically is equally important.

Once getting accompanied with the keyword optimization, on the page, and off page SEO, content strategy and link building, you can move on to running robust SEO campaigns. Keeping up with the essential is an important scenario to fathom with.

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