remarketing advertising

A person shows interest when one see anything again and again and also create recall value, which makes brand. In this module you will learn how to do this!

What will I learn?

Remarketing Advertisement Topics

  • Google Adwords – Remarketing Setup
    • Understanding Remarketing or Retargeting
    • Setup Remarketing List
    • Use Remarketing Audience in Campaign
    • Custom Audience
    • Strategy building for Adwords Remarketing
    • Use Remarketing Tag in the website and using Tag manager
    • AdGroup Level¬†Remarketing – Advance Setup
  • Facebook Remarketing
    • Understand Audience or Visitors
    • Remarketing¬†for Website Traffic
    • Use Pixel Code in the website
    • Link Custom Audience with New or Existing Campaign
    • Strategy building for Adwords Remarketing


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