Top 100 Digital Marketing Tools you must know.


We are here to let you know about some important Digital Marketing tools and platforms.


Google Keyword Planner The first and the most important thing while marketing digitally is the planning of Keywords, Keywords are actually something on which the complete procedure of marketing relies. Google Keyword planner is one of those tools which helps to choose the most appropriate keyword related to your business, and lets you know about the most searched keyword related to your business.

SEMrush SEM rush is a complete SEO tool which lets you check and perform all these functions such as Keyword research, keeping an eye on the keyword competition as well as checking backlinks, tracking the complete SEO of your blog. Therefore SEMrush is a complete tool for the SEO of your blog.

Longtail PRO A keyword research tool for your desktop, it runs on both windows and Mac. As the name suggests Longtail pro, it will help you to find many long tail keywords from just one keyword. This tool is very user-friendly and with a convenient user-interface.

Screaming Frog Screaming frog is an all – round SEO tool, it just crawls like a bot on websites to find elements such as broken links, redirected webpages ,Analyse the data,( meta description ) It has both free as well as paid versions. Screaming frog helps to create digital marketing strategies for small to large businesses. 

DeepCrawl Deep crawl is a SEO tool, which helps improving overall SEO performance of your website. This tool actually helps monitor your website health,structure and above all helps analyse the current performance of your business.

Woorank Woorank is a tool for SEO audit, which lets you have a in-depth review and analysis of your website, which includes social media rankings, competitor analysis, provides with a marketing checklist along with powerful keyword tool.

Open Site Explorer Open site explorer is a tool which helps your explore links ( do follow and no follow links, external links, broken links etc..). It also helps in checking the PA(page authority) and DA(Domain authority of your website. Open site explorer also provides Pie chart for the easy understanding of the data of your website.

Majestic Majestic is basically a website explorer tool which helps to explore the domain and the URL in complete detail, the second function is to check the back-links , registered users can also compare 5 domains along with checking their backlink growth and status.

Google Search Console Google search console checks the status and helps optimize the visibility of your website, The data collected by the Google Search console is the most accurate data, it collects data about page count, image count etc.. Search console also helps generate sitemap (XML) , the crawl rate , and checks the robust.txt file.

Ahrefs Ahrefs updates with new tools and features every week, this software will let you learn about the organic traffic of your website. You can also learn that if your competitors are using paid tools for traffic generation. Moreover you can make a research on which keywords are your competitors bidding.


Constant Contact. Get a e-mail marketing pro with no stress. Constant Contact is one of the largest and fastest growing email marketing service in the world. This tool has a friendly mobile based drag and drop editor helps the user to create a well designed professional e-mail for marketing.

Drip Drip is an amazing e-mail marketing tool , helps you to design customized emails for client.The software has an automated visual e-mail designer, which lets the marketing easy , customised and ease the sales funnel promotion.

Sendinblue Sendinblue is a tool which has a high rate of satisfied customers, as the features are unique.It provides promt and personalized services, as well as one can check how many e-mails have been opened or reviewed. Companies can reach their audience by knowing about their interactions through SMS or E-mails. Convertkit Convertkit is basically a lead generation tool, which helps building creative contact forms on your website or landing page. This tool helps cover your audience into different tags and segments.Includes an automated visual e-mail system which makes the reader feel personalised attention is being served.

Aweber It is a very potential tool, which lets you collect valid and important information about the audience, it develops super-attractive contact forms which helps to collect leads and subscription lists.The emails sent to the subscriber list also depends on their interests, Aweber only mail the content which is completely relevant and what the reader wants.

Getresponse The only complete marketing platform which consists of E-mail marketing, automation of e-mails according to the need and behaviour of the customer.Further helps in creating landing pages and webinars.

Mailchimp Mailchimp is one of the most popular free of cost e-mail marketing platform. This help the user create different campaigns for marketing as well as one can schedule these campaigns according to the need.

HubSpot Marketing Hubspot marketing basically provides 3 type of services which are Marketing,Sales and Services. The marketing services consist of Lead generation, marketing analytics, and automation , the sales consists of Email scheduling, e-mail automation and meeting scheduling, service department is totally concerned with the customer feedback.

ActiveCampaign Email marketing in just few clicks, beautifully designed and personalized emails can be created here.Automated follow ups are easy to create through this tool. Customer interaction can be boosted by personalised SMS.

Wix ShoutOut Send and share beautiful e-mails in a minute, wix allows you to share your message at various platforms such as e-mails along with social media. One can use social media tools, different templates,as well as customizable styles.


Buffer Buffer is actually for time-management of your social media posts and updates,scheduling the social media posts, how to improve the reach ,and create reports.With buffer you can add upto 25 people with different access levels.

Hootsuite Hootsuite helps manage all the social media at one stop, starting from finding, scheduling,managing and reporting the social media posts. Helps one to be active 24*7 on social media. Social ROI can be tracked and managed.

Facebook Power Editor Power editor provides with a variety of options for advertising . It is a free page and advertising tool, one can create , edit and manage ad campaigns and optimize ads too.

Google Analytics Google analytic is the biggest and the safest platform for analysing the data , collect reports, set goals and funnel. Insights which are provided by google are completely trustable, one can use several other features like customization of reports,or goal setting can be done.

Bitly Bitly is for shortening of URL shortening as well as link management ,it is basically used for shortening links while sharing them for social media, or through SMS or emails. SocialMention Social mention is a tool which is a social media search and analysis platform, It allows you to easily track and measure what people are thinking and sayig about you.

TweetDeck Tweetdeck is a tool that helps you view multiple timelines in one easy interface. It includes a host of advanced features to help get the most of Twitter.

ShortStack Short stack is a tool for getting more leads and from the way of campaigns,contests. Basically it is used to build effective and creative campaigns for lead generation.

SocialOomph Socialoomph is a tool for boosting the social media be it Facebook,Plurk,Twitter,Linkedin,Pinterest etc… All activities on these social media platforms can be scheduled and managed with the help of Socialoomph.

HowSociable A popular social media monitoring tool, this is an immensely helping tool which actually provides services as well as guidance about how to boost the social media posts. It actually helps you check the social count/score of a brand on social media.


Buzzsumo Buzz sumo helps realise and search the best content for our business, buzz sumo is one of the most used tool for content creation. The ability to quickly identify what content is working well in an industry and who the major influencers are.

Evernote The number one note-taking application.For writers taking notes is one of the biggest deals,because they need to take notes of every little detail they can notice while creating content.It is an easy application to understand on mobile device.

Kred Kred is a tool for creating a influence of your content. Your Kred score actually measures your influence and your outreach. An influencer profile can be termed to be authentic if its Kred score is high.

Trello Trello is a software which helps you to collaborate with others for implementation of a successful project, its features are Team work, one can make a team for work on this app, all the information is available at a glance and can be stored at one click away.

Click funnel Click Funnel claims to tell them everything you want to do with your firm , they say what funnels you need and what are your goals and they will give you the highest converting funnel templates for free. One can generate leads, run a webinar or sell products through the click funnel.

Tweriod Tweriod is a actually a social media as well as content tool, it lets you know when is the perfect time to tweet your content, i.e. when are most of the people online, which will eventually increase your view and influencing rate.

Uberflip Uberflip is a complete content creation tool which will help you to create beautiful content, which can create engaging content hubspots, accelerate lead generation , make data driven decisions etc..

Canva Canva is a designing software where you can actually design graphics, make your content look beautiful and attractive, canva offers several tools to beautify and create your content more effectively.

Mashshare Mahshare is a tool which helps boost your content on social media, it is a free of cost tool, which lets you set – up a creative share button for all the social media promotions.The tool provides several other add-on tools for the user for further promotions, some of them are velocity graphs,analytics,mobile sharing optimization etc.

Grammarly Writing for any platform can be mistake-free with the help of the tool “Grammarly” It helps you check spellings, grammatical errors, style of writing and helps you eliminate errors while providing the best platform to express your views.

Everest Forms (FREE) Drag and drop form creation tool which can help one you easily create any type of contact form. The plugin is very easy to use and can be used by the beginners too.

Jetpack (Freemium) Jetpack is a plugin which can help you overall increase your wordpress website performance. Customization can be done easily with themes, blogs, widgets and also posts can be scheduled.

Akismet (Freemium) Akismet is a plugin which helps user to filter out spam comments, API key is required to install the plugin.

Yoast SEO (Freemium) The original wordpress SEO plugin since 2008. Yoast seo is the most preferred free tool for making your website or blog SEO optimized. This tool clearly makes the user understand what changes need to be done.

User Registration (Freemium) User registration is a tool which helps user create a nice creative contact and subscription form, it has some very useful and creative add-on tools too, which include services like social connect, file upload,Profile connect, payment facilities and many more.

Google XML Sitemaps (FREE) This tool will help you in better indexing of your website and improved SEO ranks. It creates sitemaps which makes it easier for search bots to find you. Moreover it also updates the crawler about the updated content.

WooCommerce (Freemium) Woo commerce is a e-commerce plugin, compatible with wordpress. It is one of the most useful and liked plugin by the e-businesses. E-commerce has been considered to be the most customizable platform.

Nivo Slider (Freemium) As the name suggest “Slider” it is a tool which helps create slider posts, images or posters. It is a simple and effective tool for adding sliders to your website.

W3 Total Cache (Freemium) This freemium tool helps improve your website ranking as it helps reduce load time and overall increase website performance. Overall server performance is improved.

VaultPress (Freemium) VaultPress is a security and backup providing tool. The tool automatically back-ups all content, comments, posts , media etc on your website, Moreover prevents the website from hackers and different malwares.


Google keyword planner Google keyword planner is a tool by Google which will help the user find better and more relevant keywords for your website or ads. Keyword searching is an important task while developing content, and Google keyword planner ensures to provide you well calculated data about the trending keywords.

Spyfu keyword research Spyfu is a tool which helps your improvise your SEO strategy by using much more effective keywords than ever before. It also provides help for the betterment of the existing website or content.

Moz keyword explorer Moz is a popular keyword explorer tool, lets you find effective keywords.

Sem rush Sem rush provides well trusted and well-tested keyword research which have been used by the competitors and how the user can succeed their competitor with ranking high in Google and Bing searches.

Google trends “Explore what the world is searching” This is what Google Trends say. They say get to know the word that is trending in the world, the most exciting feature Google trends provide is the keyword compare tool, where you can compare 2 keywords and how they effect at various locations.

Serpstat keyword tool Serpstat is considered as a growth hacking tool for PPC,CPC,Marketing etc. The tool is completely free of cost.Helps grouping keywords according to their tags,also leys you know market share fluctuations. Google correlate Google correlate is a very useful tool which helps the user to relate on different aspects, for example comparision of time series,as searches vary as the time changes. The other being relation in different states or countries, which can actually affect the target audiences.

Jaaxy Jaaxy is the industry’s only and the first tool which was developed by affiliates for affiliate marketing. This is a keyword research tool which can help managing keywords in the most advanced way. On Jaaxy about 500 million keywords have been already found.

Google search console Search console helps you fix and improve your overall website’s performance, Helps optimize the website and provides with better and enhanced experience.


Google Docs Google docs is a smart way of creating content. It helps write,edit,create content. Docs is considered one of the most trustworthy and useful platform for writers. Auto-save is an important feature of the Google Docs, and all other features for free.

Sendible Sendible is a social media sharing tool, but it also support bloggers for finding amazing content, they provide services like continuous analysis of your profile and helps supply the user with effective content for your audiences.

Fyrebox Fyrebox is a quiz creating tool which lets you create quiz for lead generation. Different type of quiz can be created for your blog or website.Engage and Educate your audience.

Quora Quora is a question answer website where you can promote your blog links, while solving the queries of people and it is also a good platform for content promotion as well as getting targeted audience reach to your blogs.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator Hubspot’s this tool is actually a treat for bloggers as it is hard to search for topics every time one plans to write an article, they are constantly in need of new and related topics to write on.

Trello Trello helps you work together with a team with compatibility and better share of information. This tool helps in planning client meetings, Podcasts, or webinars etc.

LinkedIn pulse LinkedIn pulse is a platform where you can share your stories, basically it is a platform where news stories, blogs , notes or small piece of information can be shared. The best part is that writers can target and reach their target audience.

Evernote Evernote is the best note-taking application , which helps writers to collect important bytes of what they want to write on. The tool helps easy management of pointers.

Wunderlist Wunderlist is a free task management system which is available for all devices like phone, tablet , laptops as well as smart watch. A tool to plan, get reminded and to collaborate.

Squirrly This tool will help your website to rank higher with all its services. Squirrly provides with SEO, content marketing , Social media and starbox services.


Weebly Weebly is an important tool for creating any website or a blog. This tool is widely used by freelancers, mostly by bloggers (Food, Travel ,educational etc.. )

Mixmax Mixmax is a tool just like Grammarly, which helps to edit e-mails as well as other language commanded tools. They also helps assist your productivity.

Sighted Sighted is a tool which helps you generate e-bills/invoice. This helps freelancers or e-commerce to create a complete and easy to manage invoice system. One can design invoices according to his/her choice.

Streak Streak is a tool which will help the user manage and collaborate work through gmail. Just like spreadsheet all functions are available like adding, filter etc . Moreover one can always check coming tasks in advance.

Rescuetime Rescuetime is a tool which runs in background on your laptop and keeps an eye on how much time you spend where, so it is a tracker. At the end of the day provides with a complete report of your work.

Tagove Tagove is a live chat software for businesses, video chat tools, chat bot and profile management tools.

Toggl Productivity time tracker, helps break time into projects and divides it well. Provides numerical data so the user can easily create reports and plan further. Well synced in phone so the user can track wherever he goes.


Leadfeeder Leadfeeder is a tool which helps user track which companies are visiting your website, from where did they got to know about you and what are they interested in? It keeps a track of quality records, and a filter for quality leads. is a sales automation platform,which has a chrome extension. Provides API for developers to search and verify e-mail addresses. One can use drip campaigns to set up a sequence of emails further.

Voila Norbert Voila Norbert is a tool which will help the user find e-mail addresses and provides with updated and powerful data. The tool is helpful in generating leads and gives upto 50 leads for free.

Hunter Hunter is a plugin which will help businesses find e-mail addresses in seconds and generate useful leads for actual audience and b2b communication. All one needs to do is enter the domain name and all other research is done by the tool itself. As the name suggests, this tool is used for testing the mails , that if they are valid or not. And before sending mails, a series of security functions will take place like the syntax check, DNS lookup and SMTP verification.

Skrapp Skrapp is a chrome extension which helps find e-mails and track valuable audience as a result of generating leads. The extension can also be device based and offers the user service of tracking their data anytime, anywhere.

Boomerang Boomerang is a tool as well as an extension for chrome, this tool helps create e-mails productively and lets you design creative e-mails and schedule them accordingly with a better AI experience.

Hubspot Sales Need More leads in less time? This is what Hubspot sales does. It is actually something which helps generate leads and use modern sales tool. It is the sole tool which lets you arrange all your contacts at one central base without any charges.

Yet Another Mail Merge YAMM! A tool helping to create E-mail campaigns using Google sheets and Gmail. The tool helps you use features such as email tracking, segmentation and email personalization.

Sumo Sumo is a tool for converting your e-commerce visitors into buyers. This tool actually claims that it prevents from abandoning the cart, is easy to set-up and turns into customers.

Convert Plus Convert visitors into sales and subscribers, Convert plus is considered to be the easiest pop-up plugin which provide features like side-bars, widgets , header and footer designs, etc. Covert plus is a good lead generation pop up tool. We hope the article was useful for our digital buddies.

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