Digital Marketing Trends in 2019


Digital Marketing Trends are those ways if you follow them then you can increase the visibility to the audience. So you have to understand how Digital Marketing Trends will help in Ranking and also it will help to compete with others.

2019, has come up with all new trends and techniques which can be followed in this year.

In this Article,

We are sharing Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends

1. Omni-channel marketing

Omni-channel marketing means all of the things in all ways or places.

This means using all strategies which you can and using them on all of the places or we can say on different platforms.

This is one of the techniques which is super popular in 2019.

This suggestion putting all of your effort in all the different platforms and not concentrating on just one. This strategy means creating checkpoints on every channel you know.

Most of the businesses use social media and email marketing for this purpose, but more the channels more the traffic.

2. Artificial Intelligence

The world is growing more and more through artificial intelligence. Today no other sector or tech update is growing as the artificial intelligence is. Each day its usage and importance are growing.

More specifically, AI is a computer system that can perform a task which normally requires human intelligence.

In 2019, Artificial Intelligence is mostly generated for content marketing, Advertising, and customer services. It is even helpful in customer research.

So, AI is actually making the job easier but as well as it also fears human as its smarter than them.

3. ChatBots

The most popular and trending tool to use this year are ChatBots. Today Chatbots are everywhere, on applications, websites, social media. Basically, Chatbots are used to answer basic questions or to attain the interest of the user.

But today the Bots are also used for small Businesses and other usages like talent recruiting, self-services, and website browsing assistance as well as shopping assistance,

4. Programmatic Advertising

It is the new algorithm, which suggests companies to advertise using Artificial Advertising, This came into a trend as nowadays it is tough to maintain a proper advertising timeline even if you have a complete team.

So, technology decided to take over it, and advertise according to the traffic targeted scheme.

Basically, by 2020, Almost 98 percent of the ads will be programmed. It can also be used to sell and buy a different kind of media spaces.

The most important benefit of programmatic advertising is that it is real-time and gives more power to the advertiser.

Further, Digital Advertising can lead to mass appeal as well as niche appeal.

5. Personalization – Important aspects of Digital Marketing Trends

The most important aspect of Digital Marketing Trends in 2019 is personalization. Today each and every customer prefers personalization. Everyone is getting their hike in business due to personalized touch.

In 2019, this is what the customer seeks, personal care, and customized packages.

If you get into this activity you can surely reach new heights.

Several benefits of personalization are as follows :

  1. Increased Brand loyalty
  2. More revenue
  3. Better customer experiences
  4. Brand consistency
  5. Cross channel selling product

Personalization is taking a completely new area of marketing, as well as its automation.

6. Video Marketing

The most trending area of marketing today is video marketing, be it on social media, or Youtube or Vimeo, etc. Video marketing is the most convenient way to market or advertise something. Customers enjoy watching videos and it is easy for them to relate and experience what the seller actually wants to show.

Studies suggest that more than 85% of customers are converted through video marketing.

And for marketers, it’s an easy way to promote, as people are actually not looking for immense creativity, but some good entertaining content.

There are so many different kinds of videos which can be used as promotional videos, some are as follows:

  1. How-To Videos
  2. DIY
  3. Testimonials
  4. Events
  5. Webinars
  6. Product Descriptions (Unboxing)

7. SEO Updates or Gen-next SEO

SEO is the first choice of users so Google is always coming up with some ranking factors, and it keeps on changing them. So each digital marketer has to be updated with these algorithms frequently.

Basically, for now, Google has rolled out its page speed update and it is said that Google will actually include page loading speed as a ranking factor.

To optimize the page in 2019, some tips are here:

  1. Use a sitemap
  2. Focus on a video
  3. More long contents
  4. Focus on Page load speed
  5. Focus on easy user experience
  6. White hat backlinking technique
  7. Optimize for local search

So overall to be the king of the market, you need to come up with all these Digital Marketing Trends so as to generate more and more target customers.

You need to use more tools which will make your marketing easier and fast.

All you need to do is to focus on marketing innovations taking place every day.

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