Bookmarking sites play an important role in SEO. These sites will help you to affect or you can say that increase your site traffic and boost your site ranking on Search Engine Result Page.

In this section, we will discuss how to create social bookmarking links or you can say that backlinks for our website?


Social Bookmarking is What?

Social bookmarking is the technique which is used for boosting our site traffic via creating backlinks of our sites on Social media sites, other social platform related sites, and bookmarking sites. If you are an SEO Executive/Analyst or Digital Marketer, you already know about it very well. Here, on below this article, we are providing top DA Social Bookmarking sites for our users to promote their websites.


Reason Behind to Use Social bookmarking sites?

Submitting your site info on Bookmarking sites is more beneficial and you can check these benefits below:

Bookmarking is one of the most famous and fastest growing phases to increase your site ranking or for indexing fast on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

All social bookmarking sites which have high DA and you have your links to them that means backlinks then these links will be called quality links if these websites are ‘Dofollow’ sites.

These Bookmarking websites generate relevant and good traffic if you are using business-related categories for your business website at the time of submission.

After submission of your site URL on these sites:

Domain authority will improve.

Bounce rate reduces and increases traffic to your site.

It will help to create a social image on Digital Market.


How to do social bookmarking?

Before starting Bookmarking you have to, first of all, optimize these websites that how to create backlinks in it. Each website has a different way to submit Url but the aim of all social bookmarking sites is same that submit website’s Url. Some high Domain Authority social bookmarking websites like, are very strict in approval and spamming is not allowed in it and another and last thing is that you can’t submit more than one link (same links) on this site using same User Id but different User Id you can do this process is worked only two or three times (For the same link) not more than it.


Top 5 High DA Social Bookmarking sites in 2018

Reddit: Reddit is a good bookmarking website. For submit your site URL on Reddit, You need to upvote and re-submit others’ Reddit posts on behalf of this you can convert your backlinks in Dofollow backlinks after creating them. It will help to boost your site ranking on SERP pages, Before posting Url on Reddit just read rules of it. You can post some famous and trending websites’ Url before posting own site’s because this trick will help you to get votes from others for your site’s backlinks and in making it Dofollow fast.

According to the Research If you get at least 4 votes/Likes then your Backlink will be counted in Dofollow by Search Engine.

Stumbleupon: Today It is good and best source to boost your traffic via social media platform. It also another High DA site. If you submit your blog Url or other site URL multiple times in a day, it will be counted as a spam and this site is spam protected site. A blog posting on it is not sufficient because it is same as other social media sites that means you have to increase your connectivity with others stumbles for better response.

Delicious: it is another famous social bookmarking site and process is also same as other social bookmarking sites. And you have to work on it like StumbleUpon or like other social media sites. You have to build a network in also via commenting, giving likes to other users of it.

Bizsugar: Bizsugar is one of the toughest bookmarking websites in which you have to create first your profile and you have to wait some days for getting the approval of it.

After approval, before submitting your site’s link you have to upvote other users content on that site and you have to this at two-three days and after that you can do your work but it’s approval also taking time after some days you will get your backlink on screen for liking, upvoting or comment on it. This place was most famous for content marketing but if we talk about today environment, it is becoming famous for its bookmarking or you can say that creating backlinks.

You can write a complete article or a short description of it for the promotion of your site via creating backlink for your site.

It is famous for the term ‘Scoop your article’ to others.

In which you will see these points:

Manage more than one topic from a single account.

Build communities.

Share, like or comment posts.

You can write any article via focusing on keywords.

Pinterest: Pinterest is one of the most famous graphic distribution Social media website in which you can share images in Infographics format. In this website, you will first create an account for submitting your URL with images. After it, you have to go to the tab ‘pin it’ and submit your Pin Board value in the form of text and description and your site Url that means destination URL and submit it and your backlink is ready with the selected category on a pin.

It is also a famous social bookmarking site which has High DA and Alexa ranking.


Top High DA social bookmarking sites:




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