Top Ten SEO Secrets to Knock-Out Your Competitor in 2022

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In the year of 2018, some new changes will see in Search engine optimization as the digital marketing which is converting into the more competitive platform. With the marketing change, Users’ behavior change, changes in requirements of the users, SEO is also changing own path to grab the target and is converting into more and more important thing than a keyword in the market.

The Area of SEO is dynamic and is going to change in 2018 according to the digital marketers. It’s one of the main reasons among few is Changing in the world of internet that means most probably changes in browsing devices and one of the best example of it is Smartphone.

Users are increasing day by day of Smartphone which is accessing the internet through their smartphones. Most search engines are focusing Mobile friendly websites or in other words, focusing on Mobile Accelerated Pages or Accelerated Mobile Pages in sort AMP pages. AMP’s only motto is to make mobile pages more fasting than normal loading time taking pages. These are all possible via changing the web content, images, UX and UI and other more reasons are included in it.

We already talked about artificial intelligence in our previous article. If you read it about it then you will know very well about it how it will affect Digital marketing in 2018. The same condition is applicable to SEO. With increasing use of it in SEO, Medium tail keywords and long tail keywords are getting more importance in the web world in case of Boost Ranking and also for getting more attention from the online audience. The second reason to come to these keywords among the audience is Rankbrain’s accurate results. Before Rankbrain, these are not possible because before it, 15% of the all searching keywords are unique keywords for the Google and it is the major problem for the Google and after getting the solution of it in the form of Rankbrain, the nature of Google has completely changed. After coming SEO in Digital marketing, its value has been completely changed by digital marketing. In this contextual changes, we talk about top 10 SEO Knock-outs which should you follow in 2018 are mention below:

Search Relevant Keywords and Understand Ranking

Remember that 18-20% of the organic clicks on any search engine mostly on Google always come from the first position of SERP page. Ranking of any page is the first and most important knock out that should be followed to increase the SEO effect. You have to understand the process that how a search engine gives the ranking to any web page for any search keyword on which you want to rank your site. And before understanding the concept of ranking you have to focus on the keyword’s search volume that means how many customers are using this keyword to full-fill their query.

Find keywords which are more relevant to your product or service mostly search for more than one word keywords or you can find long tail keywords which include location, some sort of description related to the product or service and user query for example Digital Marketing Course in JaipurDigital Marketing Institute in Jaipur, and lots of others.

Tracking of the keyword helps you to set your SEO marketing strategies or you can say that knowing about the Keyword search volume or in other words you can say that which keyword is grabbing more attention or which not.

If your website any page is listed on the first page of any search engine’s result page, for example, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. it helps to increase brand awareness or you can say that in branding. Sometimes you can find that keywords which are competitive as compare to profit which comes from them. You can drop these types of keywords on their position as they are and start focusing on those keywords which have low or you can say that medium competition. You can also include high competitive keywords also but in little quantity.

Increment in Organic Traffic

When you see continuous improvement in organic traffic of your website you feel very happy and it is also the aim of doing SEO also. When your website reaches on the first page of Search Engine Result page, traffic on the website becomes more important and it is also the main intention of any SEO Expert.

There are basically two types of the keywords are available branded and non-branded.

If we talk about branded keywords, are related to the brand name or you can say that any business name. and second keywords non-branded means which do not name of any business or service for example Brand Keyword: “DigiLearnings” and non-branded Keyword: “Digital Marketing” and Non-branded keywords are more important according to any SEO expert and they only want to focus on them.

Traffic Quality Measurement

How to increase the traffic to any website? This is a more important aspect of any business or service. And also the niche and targeted audience are the most important as compare to only target anyone. Because when you will grab more quality traffic then you will get more conversion for any business.

This can be possible only when you full fill these aspects:

  • Increase average visit duration of any visitor.
  • Increase Page view.
  • Bounce rate should be low.
  • Dwell time should be high.

Measure Quality Backlinks

Creating backlinks for any website is the major reason behind ranking improvement. For better performance indications of backlinks just see below points:

  • Count Backlinks to your website.
  • Count referral count that means which domains that are linked to your website.
  • Calculate the types of backlinks.


Every business wants to conversion. Conversion can be any of type for example: sign up, selling any product, social media followers, etc.

For getting better conversion just follow the source of it that means a source of conversion which will give you higher rate profit. If your conversion is Traffic then SEO will help you to get it.

You can also check that other else SEO campaign, Social media or referral campaign can give you better results for conversion. But you have to test both for conversion.

Check per day visitors

If you want to earn more profit from your website just check your site visitors every day and increase the day by day and it can be possible by making bounce rate, page views, post engagements healthy.

Increasing crawling of No. of pages per day and should be higher and higher day by day. You can check visitors in the webmaster tools or Google Analytics.

Improve Page Authority

If you want to get page rank high then you have to increase the page authority of any page which you want to rank high on Google SERP page. In this competitive Online Market, you have to work hard to gain more and more attention to your website. You can track any website’s page authority via Moz or other DA (Domain Authority) or page authority checker tools.

For boosting any website rank, a website’s page’s PA should be increased for better visibility of Domain. It is counted from 1-100 values and it will increase with the help of effective content, Images, Catchy Headlines and titles and lots of other reasons in it. Your website page should be influenced MozTrust and MozRank.

Domain Authority Measurement

If any website’s domain authority is higher than 20 than Search Engine gives some importance to it in the ranking and with the help of it, you can get ranking on lots of keywords without doing any work on them. It is also a value from 1-100 which is given by MozTrust or MozBar or Open Site Explorer.

You can influence domain Authority with these points:

  • Hitting targeted keywords for each inner page of any website.
  • If you want to rank high just increase your PA first.
  • Build Quality Backlinks.
  • Time (How much times have you spent on your domain.)

Page Speed or Website Load Time

Another knock out point is that Page speed or website load time. If your website doesn’t have speed in loading then user or visitor will leave your website and go to the next website for full-fill his query. So page speed or website load time is must for any website’s traffic boost.

Page speed and load time should be 2-5 seconds or if it is not possible for you then you can maintain at on the 10 seconds (max). We will suggest you go to 2-5sec.

Use Tools to Watch your Traffic

Here we are talking about the responsiveness of any website using tools. Because according to the today digital world, if you want to get more hike in your website traffic then you have to make your website mobile friendly and content should be user-friendly. If both these conditions will not be full-filled by any website then Google or any other search engine can be penalized your website.

If you don’t know how to make your website mobile friendly Just Go to WordPress CMS for making your website Responsive – if you don’t know about the ABC of coding.

You can check your website on any Search engine browser like Chrome, Firefox, etc. and mobile-friendly test on Google’s Search console.

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