9 Digital Marketing Trends to Act on in 2022

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From last 20 years, we are getting different-different changes in Marketing and Technology. Like SEO which was not more famous before some time ago but today its value is different. Second in technology for example Smartphone which is going to become biggest and most useful device for Marketing in this digital world.

And its (SEO) form is also changed and it comes under in Digital marketing.

We think that you will have also seen these changes and enjoying these things too.

If we think about these changes which are following like:

The phenomenal growth in the importance of Organic Results, after that Paid Results, then social media and today more changes and growth in technology that means in Mobile Phones or you can say that in Smartphone which is making this world digital.

9 Digital Marketing Techniques which will help you to get look forward to 2022

If we talk about last trends which are related to content marketing, email marketing, and Big Data.

If we talk about Big Data it is in the second position. We are surprised to see it again in that position. That means marketing understand the benefits of Customer insights and predictive analysis.

And if we talk about Content marketing is always on the top because everybody knows “Content is the King”. Content is the Fuel and Business is the engine for all your digital form of communications from search marketing to marketing automation.

Including Marketing Activities Into the Customer Journey to make it effective Digitally

If we talk about Customer, every business is working for sale their products or services and the customer is the main part of this business.

The customer can be a normal person or another business company is also a customer. And if we talk about today environment for increasing customers for your business then you have to enter into his lifecycle to integrate him with you that means you have to focus on Customer Journey or you can say that its daily life to make it easier that means how can your product or service help him to make it his life more and easier for example:

By giving him the facility to pay cashless in this digital world.

Because Today complexity in Marketing and Digital Marketing has increased and we have to give away to it for entering in the customer Lifecycle to make it more effective and for it, you have to focus on technology and which is Mobile or smartphone which will give you more and more customers for your business.

According to the Smart Insights’ marketing Lifecycle:

Creating a managed communications or contact strategy to prioritize and integrate the full range of marketing communications channels and experiences to support prospects and customers on their path-to-purchase using techniques such as persuasive personalized messaging and re-targeting.

Include personalization in the customer journey or experience

You can understand personalization from these three points which are following:

  1. Optimization(Testing): This is structured experiments like A/B Testing or Multivariate testing, for example, you can understand it via Google optimize which launched in 2017. With the help of Google Optimize you can test different-different variant of landing pages using AB Testing or Multivariate Testing.
  2. Segmentation(Divide Audience): After Optimization, marketer comes to the point segmentation which targets to the audience by dividing them according to their targets where the marketer can affect them.
  3. 1-1 personalization: via using Artificial intelligence (AI) technology marketers are providing an individualized experience to each customer for their services. Brands can now provide a better and suitable experience for each customer according to the data available to these customers. It is same as one to one mapping in which each customer is handled by an employee.

Apply Personalization into marketing Automation

We can include machine learning techniques into the marketing automation like email marketing. Because if we talk about email marketing it or talk about the research on email marketing that in spite of widespread use of email marketing or marketing automation, lots of companies are not able to focus on targeted audience lifecycle or you can say that contact system.

If we talk about email marketing statistics, almost half companies are neither focusing their targeted audience nor planning any segmentation for their audience. Probably 29% are using segmentation’s basic criteria. 14% audience is using segmentation and personalization techniques to focus their audience for targeting them. And last is 6.6% companies are working properly to targeting their audience on personalization Pyramid basis and creating a layered and personalized automation for their audience.

So overall result is that Integrating Marketing Intelligence technique that means artificial intelligence technique into Email marketing will be more beneficial for companies in 2022.

Include social messaging apps into communications

According to the research, half of the mobile audience is using Facebook and half is using Whatsapp. These both messaging apps are owned by Facebook and Snapchat messaging app is third most amazing social media platform which has the amazing audience with 10.1 million unique visitors.

Add Video Marketing to your Audience targeting methods

If we talk about video marketing, today videos are the most important weapons to target your audience easily and social media is the fuel of this marketing like YouTube, Facebook, and other video distribution channels. If we talk about YouTube, is the second and biggest search engine after google search engine and also the biggest competitor of Google. And if we talk about today then YouTue is increasing day by day as compared to Google.

Using content marketing into the customer journey via focusing on engagement strategy

Everybody knows that “content is the King”, that means in every technique we use content without content all techniques are not able to explain itself.

For example:

Videos which show you content in visual formation.

Images which show you content in graphic format.

And text, you already know about it.

According to the research A website which has a blog section on the site, have the better ranking as compare to a static website.

Index search marketing into your content marketing activities

If we talk about search marketing it is dominant because Social media is far from most sectors and if it can be reached there but this is not able to generate leads or sales.

In these days search marketing has been more innovative and giving better results according to the Google Adwords which is used to place ads on the SERP pages.

Use marketing technologies

Use tools of marketing for promoting your business like email marketing tools, for example, MailChimp for marketing automation. Use another tool for marketing like Google Adwords, Open Site Explorer, double-click, HubSpot, Hotjar and other marketing tools.

All Data Sources should come in one Place

According to this point, a software should be available in the market which provides all paid media’s result on one place, for example, Facebook, Linkedin, twitter ads result and Google Adwords, double clicks ads results at one place and we can manage them separately from one place without going all these places.

A tool is available for all these solutions which are Rivery.io which provides the best result as we want but its service cost is very expensive and according to us another tool should be available like this in the market which provides all data result on one place and we can generate the best conversion for our business.

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