Digital Marketing as a Career Option in India

digital marketing career in india

We know so far that either you are planning to develop a digital marketing career in India or want to know more about it because you have found Google in search of a career in digital advertising. There are many questions which come to our thoughts while we think about a career in digital marketing:-

  1. What are the unique verticals/fields I can enter?
  2. How much is the pay scale?
  3. What’s the career boom in digital marketing?
  4. Here and how to learn the desired skills?

Through this blog, we might try and answer all of your queries and by end of this blog, we promise you’ll be one step toward creating a right career choice.

Digital Marketing Career – Specific Verticals

Digital Marketing course gives various opportunities. If you love coding you can go for web designing or you may live your love of writing via turning into a content writer. The other common digital marketing career verticals are – SEO Analyst, Social Media Manager, YouTuber, Affiliate Marketer etc. You can even work as a freelancer on the project basis or come to be the entrepreneur or may even make a career in Digital Marketing in case you are professional in some regional language as marketing in rural regions and through local languages is prospering.

Let us take you through the most common profiles to be had in Digital Marketing career:-

Digital Marketing Manager or Digital Director:

You can say that this is one of the biggest positions in the field of Digital Marketing. To achieve this position, Digital Marketing should have at least 5-7 years of experience. Digital Marketing Manager or Digital Director prepares development strategies that will bring more traffic, launch Digital Marketing campaigns, improve a website and update it regularly.

Web Developer & Web Designer:

Web Developer & Web Designer are used for each other but the role of a web developer is unique, while the web designer does a lot of things. As a Web developer/designer, you will be responsible for designing, editing, and modifying websites that make it attractive and user-friendly. Knowledge of JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS and Web Programming Necessary.

Social Media Executive and Social Media Manager:

A job is one of the best jobs in social media, but do not do it only for Tweeting and Facebooking, there is more to it. As a Social Media Executive / Manager, you need to check according to the latest Social Media Trends and Plan Strategies, coordinating with the Content Team and client service team on a regular basis, creating quality content or video and more. Social media platforms and many creativity are essential for the role of this job.

SEO Executive / Expert:

A well-designed website will not be of any use if the company does not have such people who can promote it and thus the company holds SEO executives who ensure that the company’s website is on the entire web. SEO officials are responsible for the Traffic Lane on the website and for improving Google rankings. They must ensure that content search is on the website friendly, conduct Keyword research, research SEO tools, create a Sitemap and submit them etc.

Content Marketer:

If you feel that you can write better than what is already on the web, then you are absolutely right for this role. The responsibilities of a content marketer include creating such material that has all the properties of becoming viral, to ensure that the material is well promoted through SEO, coordinated with other teams and their inputs Is included. Content Marketer will need an innocuous knowledge of English language with lots of creativity.

Other Roles:

Digital Marketing has many other roles that depend on the company and their requirement. some of them are:

  • CRM Manager
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • E-Commerce Manager
  • Digital Agency Account Director
  • Analytics Manager

Tips to Keep in thoughts Before Selecting a Digital Marketing Course:-

Decide whether you need an online or offline course:

Online courses are web-based in which you learn from recorded or live classes while offline courses are one in which you have to attend classroom training on an everyday basis. We as seasoned digital marketing experts usually suggest an offline digital marketing course over the online course.

Select practical training above theoretical:

Look out for an institute which ideals in presenting practical knowledge. We exceedingly recommend a classroom training programme that allows you to cover every element of digital marketing and will provide you with a hand on experience.

Google search your trainer or faculty:

Don’t go after fancy looking institutes or big brand names. When you pick out your institute always ask the name of trainer or teacher and look at approximately him over the internet. The practical experience of faculty is a crucial component as he could be able to solve your queries by giving real-life examples. It’s miles usually easy to connect with actual life experiences.

Course Flexibility:

Always ask about course flexibility as what in case you aren’t able to attend certain lectures or are you able to repeat some classes?

Course Structure:

Before joining a course always ask for curriculum. Make sure they cover every content and module. Make sure you do proper research earlier than joining a course. This decision may make or destroy your career. So, decide wisely & smartly. Well, now we believe we have cleared all your doubts regarding a profession in digital marketing. As we promised in beginning, now you are one step closer to creating a right career selection.DigiLearnings is the DIGITAL MARKETING TRAINING INSTITUTE in Jaipur which provides 100% Practical Training. It includes 48 Modules. DigiLearnings provides more than 150 hrs. practical sessions with Live Project Internship.Go ahead and become a Digital Marketer.

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