The New Youtube Music App launched


The New Youtube Music App launched in March 2019

Youtube came up with a new application as Youtube Music recently, which has some amazing novel features for music lovers as well as people who are frequent visitors on Youtube, which almost all of are.

Here are the top 10 novel  features of the new launch.

Feature 1: Youtube music application has entered the market with a bang, there are two packages for users to choose from. One being the INR 99/month for listening the audio files in the background and other being the premium plan for INR 129/month to access the Youtube originals.
Feature 2: The new app comes with an array of newly launched music albums , originals , official songs , live performances, cover videos,  and many more. Youtube has given access to everything popular and interesting through its app.
Feature 3: Users can actually access the ad-supported application for free. This means a free access to youtube music application, just by watching ads.
Feature 4: The company’s official blog post announced that the new app would be providing feature to play the youtube music and videos in the background, that means now the user can actually toggle between different applications, use messaging services and even play games with their youtube music playing in the background.
Feature 5: The smart search” Youtube offers song searches with the smart search feature, for example you may search your favourite song with its lyrics or the rap and flute or tune..etc So Youtube music has been a saviour for searching different songs.
Feature 6: This will be serving as a complete audio service which will help you choose your type of music, or what you want to listen. You may choose accordingly the type , genre, album , singer etc Moreover you can also tune into your favourite radio station from around the world.
Feature 7: The application is being developed not only for mobile phones but all platforms, like desktop, computer, tablets etc..
Feature 8: Youtube Music app will be providing a personalized home page,which will include your screen with which songs you like, your preferences, moreover it will change according to your location and current activities.

You may call it your personal DJ.
Feature 9: The good news is that it is free for Google Play subscribers. If you already a Google play subscriber you need not to pay for the application. We will not be surprised if they collaborate in the near future.
Feature 10: Premium Youtube music application users can actually have all these features and ad-free audios as well as videos along with the original content, live radio as well as your personal screen.

Ad free listening, playback music and your customised homepage makes the new Youtube Music application worth downloading and installing. Try the old and trusted application with a new twist.

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