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Whenever we hear the term Guerilla, it already creates a picturesque in our mind of one of the most heroic beasts of all time. It always portrays an image of someone who is rebellious and conflicting. Add another great word like ‘Marketing’ So what is Guerilla Marketing?

While we are more accused with the term ‘Guerilla Warfare’ which is one of the best attack strategies of all time, taking your opponent down with the ‘element of surprise’ but the bigger question arises, how the same can be applied to Guerilla Marketing? Are the two asked ultimately the same, or is there more to it than we can ever comprehend?

This article talks about answering such questions and how you can make good use of Guerilla Marketing to turn the tables around and give your business the proper boost that it needs. So, hold on to your horses, and let’s continue with the article ahead.

What exactly is Guerilla Marketing?

Unlike Guerilla Warfare, Guerilla Marketing can easily be applied to our everyday work. That being said, the same ‘element of surprise’ is being applied in this Marketing. With marketing in mind, all its Marketing tactics revolve around a very unconventional, unorthodox, and highly creative campaign that will make everyone AWE!

The term was first introduced in the 1980s by a business writer named Conrad Levinson, who eventually wrote several books explaining Guerrilla Marketing and how it can be used in several instances. Even today, Guerilla Marking is used by a large portion of the people who are looking forward to fitting themselves in the digital landscape.

Types of Guerilla Marketing

While Guerilla Marketing is pretty experimental on its own, it can still be categorized based on the circumstances and where the strategy is being implemented. Down below are some of the types of Guerrilla Marketing you can opt for:

1) Outdoor Guerilla Marketing

As the name suggests, outdoor Guerilla Marketing strategies indulge in the approach of adding something temporarily within the preexisting urban environment. Some examples of this can be adding temporary artwork on the streets or modifying a statue just for the fun of it, without damaging the initial property.

2) Indoor Guerilla Marketing

Much like its outdoor counterpart, indoor Guerilla Marketing deals with the changes that can be made on locations such as shops, train stations, or even university campuses. You can always be playing around with this strategy.

3) Event Ambush Guerilla Marketing

Again, just like the name goes by. Event Ambush Marketing strategy incorporates, leveraging the audiences on an event. Be it a concert or a sporting event or game, you can always promote your product in such instances to catch the attention of a vast crowd.  Some Great Examples of its marketing If you want to learn more about Guerilla Marketing, there is no better way to learn the same apart from someone who has done it before.

Here are the most significant Guerilla Marketing examples you can learn from:

1)  GoldToe

What GoldToe did was not only just astonishing but took everyone back. Being an underwear company, with their launch of new undergarments, they had put an enormous pair of briefs on the iconic statue of a charging bull. Not only that, but the same thing also happened to all the statues in the entire New York.


Have you ever thought about singing posters? If not, that is what GRAMMYS tried to pull off. While this didn’t happen in real life, GRAMMYS teases a video of what would happen if suddenly all the posters of the nominated artists started to sing, Sounds pretty cool, right!

Incorporating Guerilla Marketing into Digital Marketing

One of the most significant advantages of Guerilla Marketing is that it’s very budget-friendly. Much like the Guerilla Warfare where you don’t need an entire battalion to win the fight, the same goes with this Marketing. All you need is a Tincher of creativity, and you are always good to go.

Here you can see some great example images

How we can incorporate Guerilla Marketing into Digital Marketing:

1) Sharing your Event Online

While the majority of the time, Guerilla Marketing deals with real-world campaigns, you can always share the same online. Did you ever think about that? If not, now you do. Where ever your marketing campaign might take place, share the same on social media. Make some Instagram posts about it, or go online with Facebook live. The opportunities are enormous, and you can easily add a couple of hundred thousand more audiences to your campaign.

2) Using Social Holidays to Your Advantage

Guerilla Marketing is all about bizarre ideas, and thankfully there is no end to it. You can always pick up a given national holiday and run huge discounts on your products like never before. You can even raise an issue and ask people to contribute to the cause while cashing out at the end of the day.

3) Give your Online Presence a Quick Makeover

Another fun thing that can be done while using the Guerrilla Marketing strategy is completely changing your website and online presence. On a given day, taking the social holiday as a reason again, you can completely change your website’s UI, and social media profiles, sit back, and relax. If you can create enough hype, people are bound to notice.

Final Thoughts

Before wrapping up, we want to make sure that you have a complete understanding of what exactly is Guerilla Marketing and how exactly you can use the same for better lead generation. With our current research, we have concluded that Guerilla Marketing works best in the B2C domain. And there is a certain amount of truth to it as well. After all, the end goal is always to make your product/service intimidating to the end customer.

So, we hope that this article was inspirational to you, with all the creative examples we put forward to you. Above all, feel free to experiment with your thoughts, and you are bound to achieve success.

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