How to register on Ubereats, Zomato and Swiggy?


The order-food-from-home concept is trending nowadays. People are busy with their lives and find it difficult to take time and head out to eat. Moreover, many people find it fun to order food and eat it in the comfort of their homes. Instant food delivery facilities help the user to order food using their smartphones, tablets, or desktop. The top three online food ordering apps of India are Swiggy, Zomato, and Ubereats. Restaurants can take up UbereatsZomato and Swiggy registration and grow their business. Get Zomato and Swiggy registration right away to get your restaurant in their lists!

All these three food ordering platforms offer a wide range of cuisines and multiple options of restaurants. People prefer to order through these sites or apps as they give lucrative offers and discounts. If you want to increase your restaurant sales, make sure to opt for UbereatsZomato or Swiggy registration. It is an easy way to grow your hotel or restaurant. Using these online food ordering platforms, the restaurant can get reliable delivery people who will deliver the food to the customers. Keep scrolling for Zomato and Swiggy registration.

How to know about Zomato or Swiggy registration?

Steps to follow for Zomato and Swiggy registration are:

Swiggy registration

Swiggy is the largest online food ordering platform. The app operates in more than 100 cities across India. UbereatsZomato or Swiggy registration, comprises five or six easy steps. Hotels, cafes, or restaurants can partner with Swiggy through the following procedure:

  1. Get in touch with Swiggy

Visit the partner registration webpage of Swiggy. Leave an inquiry on this page or state your interest in partnering with Swiggy.

  1. Connect with the sales representative of Swiggy

After you drop an inquiry, a representative from Swiggy will contact you. Swiggy has hired sales representatives who manage all the partnership applicants and reply to the queries. Within a few days, a sales representative will help you with the partnership process.

  1. Set a meeting with the sales representative of Swiggy

The sales representative will set up a meeting. You can clarify any doubts and understand in-depth about the partnership.

  1. Go through the terms and conditions

Read the terms and conditions of the company, and if satisfied, you can get into an agreement with the sales representative.

  1. Gather the necessary documents

After signing the agreement copy, Swiggy will ask for some documents for legal purposes. Submitting all the required documents is mandatory.

  1. Become a partner

Once you have completed all the official procedures and provided the necessary documents, you will be identified as a Swiggy partner. Once you become a partner, your restaurant gets displayed on the Swiggy page. The orders and sales will increase after that.

For partnering with Swiggy, the hotel or restaurants must submit some documents. They are FSSAI registration form, partnership PAN card, a canceled cheque for registering your restaurant with Swiggy, a copy of GST and tax details, and information about the proprietors.

Swiggy charges around 15-25% commission depending on the restaurant and locality. Approximately 4 to 7% commission is charged to promote a particular restaurant or hotel.  

Zomato registration

To register on Zomato, the applicant must add their restaurant and then register it on Zomato.

Steps to add a restaurant or hotel on Zomato:

  1. Click on the add restaurant link on Zomato, to add your restaurant. Fill up the registration form and fill the details about the restaurant name, address, phone number, etc.
  2. Press the “add restaurant” button to add your restaurant on the Zomato list.

After adding the restaurant, register it on Zomato. Steps for Zomato registration are:

  1. Visit the business app of Zomato. On this site, Zomato restaurant registration is possible.
  2. Search for the name of your restaurant and ensure that it is displayed on the site. If you can’t see your restaurant name, add it to the Zomato listings. After that, claim the listings by pressing that button.
  3. Scroll down the business page and fill up the small and simple registration form on the website.
  4. Add the necessary details such as name, phone number, address, email id, and other boxes, then click on submit.
  5. After the completion and submission of the form, a person from Zomato will explain the procedures and details.  Once Zomato has verified the documents, your business with Zomato will start.

Zomato charges a minimum of 7% commission charges. This is excluding payment getaway and delivery charges. 2.99% commission is charged for restaurants who get less than 50 orders in a week.

Follow these steps to finish up Zomato and Swiggy registration.

Ubereats registration

Ubereatsconsist of basic and simple steps for restaurant registration.

  1. Open the Ubereats website and scroll down to the last page. Click on the button that says, ‘become a restaurant partner.’
  2. For restaurant registration, you need to fill up the sign-up form. The sign-up page will ask for details like phone number, email address, name of the restaurant, name of the applicant, and other information regarding the restaurant.
  3. After entering the details, press the ‘submit button.’
  4. After the submission of more information, a representative from Ubereats will review the details of your restaurant and contact you.
  5. Some documents are mandatory and need to be submitted to Ubereats to complete the restaurant registration. Requisite documents include FSSAI License, shop license, identification roof, and GST number.

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