How to Become a Certified Expert in Google Analytics in 45 Days

Certified Expert in Google Analytics

The strong pillar of Digital Marketing is Google Analytics.

It is a free tool to check traffic of the website. You can analyze all major factors of a website in Google Analytics.

In this topic, we will cover all major factors of Google Analytics like:

  • What is Google analytics?
  • What are the key factors of it?
  • How to increase website traffic with the help of Google Analytics?
  • How to become Google analytics certified?

After reading this article, you will be sure to become an expert in Google Analytics.

So guys, let’s start the discussion about Google Analytics major factors.

What is Google Analytics?

It is a tool, which is used to track the traffic information for a website or a campaign to make the plan for growing a business or increase traffic on a website in future for a better result.

In Google Analytics, you can find most, searching keywords related to your website or business.

That means you can analyze all the information related to your website’s traffic.

You can add Google Adwords account information and search console information in it.

In Google analytics, you can take a report from four major points which are following:

  1. Real Time: In this scenario, you can check your website’s real-time users. Or we talk about it that in this point you will check complete real-time information for your website. That means Real Time traffic on your website.
  2. Audience: In audience section, you will cover all information related to an audience that means all major information like interest, demographics, geo, behavior, etc.
  3. Acquisition: In this section, you will cover traffic information like social media, search console, AdWords, and campaign. It means you will get the calculated result of traffic on your website.
  4. Behavior: In this section, you will cover behavior related information like site speed, site content and other stuff information you will get in Google analytics. Overall if we say that from it you will get your site health information.
  5. Conversion: In this section, you will get conversion-related information that means how much ROI have you generated via ad campaign or via created sign-up form or you can say that you will get Revenue related information by creating Goal or Event.

What are Key factors of Google Analytics?

There are six main key factors of analytics or if we say in other words that’s called KPI (Key Performance Indicators). In which following are:

  • Users
  • Bounce Rate
  • Page Views
  • Sessions
  • Exit rate
  • Conversion Rate
Audience overview

These are all important factors to major or analyze traffic-related information on percent bases on your website. This KPI is following:

  • Users – In which you will get the calculated result of users who come on your website. And these Users are Devices which they are using to hit on your website.
  • Sessions – It means time duration which spent by a user.
  • Bounce Rate – A user hit our website and without reading anything go back that’s called bounce and analytics will calculate this value in the percentage that is called bounce rate.
  • Page Views – How many pages are seen or you can say viewed in a session by a visitor or user that is called page views or Pages/session.
  • Exit Rate – It is also called Drop off of a website. When a visitor or user visit any page in the last of a website that is a drop off the page or drops off of any website and Analytics tool will calculate it in the percentage that’s called exit rate of any website.
  • Conversion Rate – If we talk about it in another word that’s called Goal Conversion Rate. After creating a goal for any objective like Sign Up form, Hit on a page, event formation, Product sale information (ROI).

In Conversion section, the goal has three steps which are following:

Goal Setup:

It has four formats already build as a template like:

  • Revenue (reservation, Buy ticket)
  • Acquisition (sign up form or create an account)
  • Inquiry (Read Reviews and give ratings)
  • Engagement (play a video, add picture, social connect)

and last is Custom, in which you can add above these four points.

goal setup

Goal Description:

In this section, two things will come. In which the first one is Name of goal and second is the type of goal like destination, duration, page screen per session, event.

Goal Details:

In this phase, you will see three points in which one is a destination, second is value and third is Funnel.

How to increase traffic with the help of Google Analytics?

After reading all of these things you can definitely get the best result in form of traffic on your website. You can watch traffic result of your website with the help of Google Analytics by creating a goal.

You can attach your Adwords Campaign and Search Console with it for a better result. With the help of these things, you can make a plan for accomplishing your objective like “How to increase the revenue of our business?” or “How to fill up sign up form by visitors?”.

In Google Analytics, you can calculate page views, users, bounce rate, exit rate etc.

How to Get Google Analytics Certification and What is the procedure of it?

You can get Google Analytics Certificate from Google in free of cost. In this certificate, you don’t have to pay any money but it will require fast internet at the time of exam of Google Analytics.

This certification course is famous as GAIQ (Google Analytics Individual Qualification)

In this section, we will cover some questions like:

  • How many questions come in GAIQ Exam?
  • How to get access to GAIQ Exam?
  • How many Numbers are or percentage is required for passing?
  • What is certification validation time?
  • How much time required to complete this exam?

How Many Questions Come in GAIQ Exam?

You will get almost 7o questions in this exam. And you have to gain at least 56 questions right answer out of 70 questions.

If you don’t qualify this exam then you can again give this exam after 7 days.

How to Get Access to GAIQ Exam?

There are following steps:

How to get access to GAIQ Exam ?

How many Numbers are or percentage is required for passing?

In this exam, you will need 80% passing score to gain a certificate. If you will get this required percentage you will not qualify and not get a certificate.

What is certification validation time?

GAIQ Exam validation time is 1 year and after 1 year you have to crack this exam again.

If you want to keep your GAIQ Exam certificate active time to time then you have to pass this exam every 18 months.

How much time will we get to finish this exam?

You will get 90 minutes to crack this exam or you can say that complete this exam.

Remember that you can’t pause your timer after starting the exam, it will stop automatically after completing your exam.

If your connection resume, don’t worry just start your exam where you left.

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