Top 20 Social Media Updates in 2023

social media updates

2023 is witnessing major changes and advancements in the field of social media. Billions of people use social media sites hence, it has become a significant platform for sharing, promoting, branding, and all digital marketing needs. People use social media for entertainment and to know more about the latest events and news.

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Some major Social Media Updates in 2023 include:

1. Twitter has developed a new App

Twitter has launched a new app that is available on the app store. It is built using macOS Cataline. Twitter has also added some new features like multi-task with multiple windows, dark mode, and drag and drop it.

2. Pinterest took an effort to help patients with mental health

Mental health is as important as physical health. Pinterest has launched self-help tools and exercises that will help the people to deal and face their mental health concerns. It is a thoughtful social media update.

3. Facebook added new filters and stickers

People open up more while messaging rather than a face-to-face conversation. That is why Facebook has added more stickers in the messenger app and a new filter for Facebook stories. It was done to throw light on mental health.

4. Updates for businesses

Facebook has launched two new features to help businesses through Facebook, Instagram, and messenger. It has introduced customizable story templates as stories on social media are the best way to promote and grow the business. This social media updates will definitely help the businesses to flourish.

5. LinkedIn upgrades group settings option

LinkedIn groups are a platform to share business ideas and carry out legit discussions. But marketers and spammers have exploited this feature and are sending texts and E-mails to the people using these groups. LinkedIn has categorized the groups into listed and unlisted. This social media update will hopefully reduce junk and spam messages.

6. Facebook owns Instagram and Whatsapp

A survey was conducted recently in order to check the digital literacy of people. It turns out the majority of people in the USA are not aware that Facebook owns Instagram and Whatsapp. Facebook has been collecting personal details from these two sites, as well.

7. Twitter apologizes for breach of privacy

Twitter has been using E-mail id and phone number of its users to show them relevant ads. This is considered a violation of privacy rules. Twitter has issued an apology for its action. Now the issue has been resolved, and your personal data is safe.

8. Facebook opts for better organizing methods

Facebook is gaining users at an alarming rate. Countless posts and stories are posted on this platform. It has made it difficult to find relevant posts for the users. Hence, Facebook has expanded the topic tags. You can add topic tags to your posts, and it will reach the relevant users. This social media update will enhance the user experience.

9. Instagram is trying to set a web app for messaging

Messaging tools have been introduced to the web interface. People can now send and receive texts through their web app. It is a blessing for people using desktops to browse their social media sites.

10. Quora introduces the “target option” for Ads.

Quora has introduced a new social media update. It will help digital marketers to post their ads and target them to a specific audience. One can target the audience based on keywords, gender, browser, and device type.

11. Facebook workplace gains 3 million users

The Facebook workplace is a professional application. It has gained around 3 million paid users. To improve this application, Facebook has introduced new tools and features. It has also added access codes, access controls, surveys, and goals.

12. Pinterest introduces a learning platform

Pinterest has launched a “Pinterest academy.” This learning platform has all the courses that a marketer would require to handle pins on Pinterest.

13. The latest update in the messenger app

Facebook has updated its Messenger app. This social media update will help the users to send images, templates, respond to comments, and many more. Quick reply option will save time and help businesses. 

14. Instagram introduces new features for iOS and Android phones

Instagram has launched new social media updates. It has enabled dark mode feature in both iOS and Android phones. In dark mode, the phone will switch t a black background. It is easy to view the phone in dark mode during low light conditions.

15. Tik-Tok uses the content posted by users for Ads

Tik-Tok has been using the famous videos of its users and selling it to companies for ad purposes. Tik-Tok is not compensating the users for the same.

16. In-game purchases are possible Using Snapchat

Adidas has launched a new campaign on Snapchat. This social media update helps the user to make purchases through the gaming app.

17. Facebook pays $40 million for its mistake

Facebook had increased its video view metrics in order to gain more revenue. This has landed Facebook in deep trouble and has paid $40 million as compensation. 

18. Instagram introduces ‘threads’ a messaging app

Threads is the latest social media update by Instagram. This app is created for close friends, and it will auto-generate statuses so that your close-ones stay updated.

19. Be updated with the ‘stream’ option

Twitter has launched a social media update, called ‘Stream.’ This is a live-tracking tool. The user’s timeline will be updated with recent tweets.

20. Instagram includes creating mode

Instagram has launched ‘create’ mode. This mode has easy camera function tools and enables the user to display their creativity. Numerous filters and tools have been added to enhance the posts and stories.

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