Revealed: 5 Most Popular types of Blogs – Which One Is Yours?

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Over the last decade, blogging has created a platform for people to share their knowledge and information through online content and posts. It has additionally become a profession that offers you associate identity with financial gain.

Today blogging is affecting politics and society apart from business to a great extent. Although it is easy to become a blogger, there is a need for total dedication and passion to stay here. If you also want to create a special identity, then you can build your blog style and proceed.

In case you’re blogging for an enterprise, your blog ought to not only be an avenue to generate awareness and engagement with your target market, but it ought to additionally be one of the primary lead generators on your enterprise.

But before you begin publishing your articles and content improvements away and wide, you’ll want to determine which types of blog is fine ideal for your enterprise.

So to give you a hand, we’ve scoured the web, perused loads of hundreds of blogs, and feature determined that there are 5 types of blogs that be successful at turning leads into clients better than any others. In this article, we’ll talk about each of the 10 blogging archetypes.

Here are the Most Popular types of Blogs:

Blog Type #1: The Rogue

There is often sharp and upright content in disease blogs. Again whether it is in the face of any case or in opposition these blogs pull the attention of readers very easily.

Such bloggers have become fearless in changing their rules while being critical in some subject and putting their opinions in front of everyone.

However, it takes greater than a clever headline to create an honestly rogue blog. The ‘rogue-ness’ has to run throughout the article and each post you publish.

Instead of rattling off a headline and trying to build a post around a catchy concept, first try and identify a subject or attitude that is really worth going out on a limb for.

In any other case, your chance to develop a click on-bait style headline that has little to no substance within the article itself. Rogue posts created that way will usually fall flat.

Benefits of rogue:-

  • In such blogs, you get to tell everyone what you really think.
  • In this blog, you can polarize, which attracts attention.

Blog Type #2: The Homer

Any blog that contains more than 25,00 words is called homer blog. These blogs, fashion, and lifestyle, health and fitness, education coaching etc. Can be written to anyone. To write these types of blogs requires plenty of brainstorming and research.

Even though phrase count is one of the maximum noticeable components of  homer, the word matter is certainly a way to a quiet, and that give up is a transformative journey. Homer takes the reader from point a to a hugely distinctive factor.

Blog Type #3: The Crash-Test Dummy

Most bad crashes take a look at dummy posts both try to educate without supplying real outcomes they carried out themselves, or they provide all the outcomes but do a poor activity surely teaching their readers a way to get the one’s effects as properly.

Remarkable crash check dummy posts take months (or as a minimum week) to create. Why? As it’s extra than a writing exercise, it’s a process of testing out your hypothesis in your own commercial enterprise and sifting through the outcomes so that you can file back something significant for your readers.

You furthermore might give anything approach/device/technique you’re checking out sufficient time to provide observable outcomes from which you can draw strong conclusions.

Benefits crash-test dummy :

  • You can stay focused on continuous testing and monitoring of various strategies and equipment in your business.
  • You can get new insight into your own business by writing about it regularly.

Blog Type #4: The Guide

These types of blogs give many suggestions about personal and professional life to readers and provide any information on personal development, educational guidance, career counseling, and life coaching etc.

Benefits of guides:

  • You can establish a deep personal relationship with your readers.
  • Experience personal development through their own writing.
  • By guiding others to make significant improvements in personal life can accomplish a deeper level.

Blog Type #5: The Guest Host

In this type of blogs, you play the role of host and publish guest author’s posts. Here you do not have to worry about constantly writing. Alternatively, you can also post.

Benefits of guest host:

  • You don’t need to spend any time making content.
  • The authors of the post facilitate to push the article.
  • You can piggyback on the awareness of the guest posters you host.

What types of blogs are you building?

Now it’s your turn, which types of blogs do you think is the best acceptable you, and why? If you’ve got expertise blogging, have you ever had success with any of those types of blogs before?

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