How to Rank on Google’s First Page – On Page SEO Technique

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How To Top Google Ranks – On-page SEO

On-Page SEO is an important aspect of attaining Google ranks and the step of converting more potential customers into real customers.

To understand the tips for how to better your On-Page SEO, firstly, you need to understand the concept of how SEO works.

The Basic Concept

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is basically a technique which will help you to rank your website on the search engine ( like Google , Bing, etc..)

Search engines work on some rules and principles which also include SEO.

What does SEO consist of?

Search Engine Optimization basically consists of several steps such as

  1. How is your Language?
  2. Which keywords to use?
  3. How much is the Keyword Density?
  4. How well are the transition words used?
  5. Are you using active voice or passive voice in your article

There are many more points which are considered while completing Search Engine Optimization which will be discussed below.

On Page SEO Techniques

Now here we have some SEO techniques which can be used to rank up your website or blog quickly.

Here we go with a deep insight into them.

1.Page Titles

Page titles are something very important as each of your page should have a unique and differentiated title, which should include the keyword in it.

As the inclusion of keyword in the page title can help your page rank much higher on the SERP.


Backlinks are very useful and in a way a promotional activity.

Creating backlinks will eventually draw more traffic to your webpage. You can build internal links for link juice, which will help people to go from one webpage to another.

External links are useful for a exchange of links or making your article more useful.

3.Meta Description

Meta description is an important place to insert keywords into. It is considered to be one of the most effective place to insert major keywords.

4.Body Tags

There is a structure of writing an article or a blog post to rank it higher on the SERP.

So for a better search engine optimization use this technique of Body tags, it means to divide your article under different headings like H1,H2,H3..

This will not only help in search engine optimization but also in making your article look clean and fine.

5.Keyword Density

Keyword density is an important aspect and the first step towards starting a blog or article or maybe a website itself.

The keyword is the base on which a website is started when they want it to be ranked at better positions in the SERP.


For a page to rank higher in the SERP and improve its ranking after fulfilling all SEO factors, one thing which you can do is insert images and pictures into your post.

More pictures make the post more interesting and engaging.

not only this, you can actually attach links to these pictures which will help you further engage more traffic and more link juice.

7.URL Structure

The URL structure also plays an important role while wanting to rank your website higher. There is a particular URL search engine-friendly structure, which helps search engines to find it better.

These crawlers browse faster the URL’s which have keywords.

8. Meta Tag

You can always include meta tags on your page. These are additional or relevant keywords which one can add to their webpage. It helps searchers to reach your webpage with relevant keywords or similar searches too. That is the reason why people are nowadays more focusing on Meta Tags along with keywords.


Sitemaps are a treat, when it comes to on-page SEO. Sitemaps are basically a display of what all your website consists of, which pages and information.

Yes, it is just like a map for your website. When you include a sitemap on your website, it is more easily recognized and tops the ranking factor.

10. The Content

Most of us know this point, that we need to have a well informative and attractive set of content.

But how do we do it? Basically, it is important to decide what to write, How to write and how to display your information in an effective manner.

Firstly to rank yourself up in the SERP, it is important to have a complete idea of what goes first.

Apart from this, it is said that you should have well-done research on the keywords and the relevant keywords too so that you can design a post which is of relevance and easy to rank higher on the search results.

Make your content so attractive that the crawlers don’t miss it!

For making your Search Engine Optimization process easy and simple you can use some tools or software such as Yoast SEO or Moz, etc..

These tools can actually guide you according to the latest updates and trends of about how can you better your on page optimization.


So, all these were some tips and techniques which will definitely help your website o rank higher on Google and other search engines.

But one thing to remember is that you need to work hard and consistently on this, it can’t take place in one day.

Although, it will surely give you some better results than before.

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