Top 25 International Email Marketing Tools


Email marketing is one of the most used platform for online marketing nowadays. People prefer email marketing as it has the ability to reach a large audience personally.

Email marketing nowadays has come up with various tools to ease the process of Emailing, designing, collecting data as well as scheduling Emails.

We will be discussing some tools for Email marketing below, and we are sure they’ll help you in generating leads.

Constant Contact

Get an Email marketing pro with no stress.

Constant Contact is one of the largest and fastest growing Email marketing service in the world. This tool has a friendly mobile based drag and drop editor helps the user to create a well designed professional Email for marketing.

Price: $5 per month

Free trial available for 30 days.


Drip is an amazing E-mail marketing tool ,helps you to design customized emails for the client or your audience.

The software has an automated visual e-mail designer, which lets the marketing easy , customised and ease the sales funnel process.

Price: Forever-free up to 100 contacts

$49/month or $41/month when paid annually.

Send in Blue

Send in blue is a tool which has a high rate of satisfied customers, as the features are unique.

It provides promt and personalized services, as well as one can check how many E-mails have been opened or reviewed. Companies can reach their audience by knowing about their interactions through SMS or E-mails.

Price: $25 for up to 40k emails/month


Convertkit is basically a lead generation tool, which helps building creative contact forms on your website or landing page. This tool helps cover your audience into different tags and segments.

Includes an automated visual e-mail system which makes the reader feel personalised attention is being served.

Price: Starting price: $29 per month

Free trial available for 14 days.


It is a very potential tool, which lets you collect valid and important information about the audience, it develops super-attractive contact forms which helps to collect leads and subscription lists.

The emails sent to the subscriber list also depends on their interests, Aweber only mail the content which is completely relevant and what the reader wants.

Price: Starting price: $19 per month

Free one month trial.


The only complete marketing platform which consists of E-mail marketing, automation of E-mails according to the need and behaviour of the customer.Further helps in creating landing pages and webinars.

Price: Starts at $15.00monthly


Mailchimp is one of the most popular, free of cost E-mail marketing platform. This help the user create different campaigns for marketing as well as one can schedule these campaigns according to the need.

Price: Plan starts at $10 per month for 500 contacts and unlimited emails.

HubSpot Marketing

Hubspot marketing basically provides 3 type of offers which are Marketing,Sales and Services.The marketing services consist of Lead generation, marketing analytics, and automation , the sales consists of Email scheduling, e-mail automation and meeting scheduling, service department is totally concerned with the customer feedback.

Price: Hub Basic is a $2,400 per year piece of software

Active Campaign

Email marketing in just few clicks, beautifully designed and personalized emails can be created here.Automated follow ups are easy to create through this tool. Customer interaction can be boosted by personalised SMS.

Price: $9 per month (for up to 500 subscribers)

Wix ShoutOut

Send and share beautiful E-mails in a minute, Wix allows you to share your message at various platforms such as e-mails along with social media. One can use social media tools, different templates,as well as customizable styles.

Price: Starting $4/month


Cakemail is an E-mail marketing tool for small businesses, for people who want to use pre-designed templates and design a creative E-mail. Cakemail allows you to make mailing lists and segregate them accordingly. The user can also customize theme, fonts and colours for their E-mails.

Price: $8 per month

Free trial available. No credit card required.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign monitor is an amazing E-mail automation tool. Drag and drop feature of this tool helps create well- designed professional e-mails. User can also use behavioural data for tracking the audience need and wants.

Price: starts from $9 per month

Free trial available.

Clearbit Connect

Clearbit Connect is a tool which will help you find E-mail id’s in seconds, This tool will help you find people by their name , job title and even the companies they work for.

Email Octopus

The only Email Marketing Tools which uses Amazon SES (Simple Email Services ) It helps you create customized html templates.

Email Octopus helps store contact details on its own without any hard work for the user.

Price: Basic plan — Free, premium plans start at $19 per month

Free trial for premium plans available for 14 days


It is the only E-mail campaign designing tool, which has no limits, simple pricing and with complete customization on now you want to design your e-mail. There is no set-up fee or cost.

Feedblitz has no cap limit in your subscribers.

Pricing: Free trial available

Starting at $7 and ranging high according to the package you choose.

Campaign Monitor

This is a very effective yet easy tool for developing e-mail campaigns. You can send customised and relevant e-mails and schedule them accordingly to keep your customers engaged. Moreover you will have a complete track of your campaign performance, to check whether your marketing plan is upto date or not ?

Price: Starting from $9 per month

Free trial available

SalesIntel’s Revdriver

Revdriver allows you to see contact info like email id to your contacts on LinkedIn.


Hunter is a tool which will help you find E-mail Id’s of people within seconds, it has the feature of domain searching, which lets the user find people from a specific organization.

The Email Marketing Tools will provide you with an E-mail verification system as well as the efficiency index.

Price: Free plan available for 100 searches per month.

Infusion Soft Price

InfusionSoft keeps all of your customer data at one place safely stored. The email marketing integrates natively with your CRM processes. You can A/B test your emails to optimize your email marketing.

Price: $99 per month

Free trial available.


It is a website visitor tracking solution where you can track who visited your website and collect lead from there.The tool uses CRM to use its sales intelligence.

Price: $59 per month

Free trial available.


Litmus is a web-based, drag-and-drop email editor. Html changes can be easily viewed and applied with this tool. Testing and tracking of performance can be easily done here.

Price: $99 per month

7-day free trial available.


It is a cloud based service for sending, receiving and You can scale quickly. You can A/B test data. You can use tracking and analytics feature to manage emails. Mailgun will let you simplify the process of sending transactional or bulk emails.

Price: Free for first 10,000 emails every month.

Paid plans start at $79 per month.

Motion Mail

Motionmail is the only tool which helps you offer free countdown timers – an impressive email marketing tool for your emails. You can easily integrate the timer with your email marketing software.

Price: Basic plan available for free.

Premium plans start from $10 per month.


As the name suggests it is a tool for generating newsletter as well as e-mails.The tool also creates content for the newsletter.

So, eventually your work load reduces

Price: Starting From $17


Slik is a tool which helps the user to collect e-mail addresses through Linkedin.

This is an efficient tool which helps gather data without manual stress of collecting data from Linkedin.

Price: $70 per month

Free trial available.

Zoho Mail

Ad free E-mail designing tool, which has a pretty good admin control as well as manage all incoming/outgoing emails, set individual quotas, and block unwanted emails. It comes with an Office suite with Zoho Docs.

Price: Start at $1 per user per month.


Keap is a private company that offers an e-mail marketing and sales platform for small businesses, ,also customer relationship management, marketing automation, lead capture, and e-commerce are important aspect of this tool.

Price: Starts at $199 a month

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