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attract engage convert content marketingthe most effective marketing strategy

Ok, to make it dead simple, let’s say, I work in a company that sells a product at XYZ rate and, the price less than the ABC Company.

How would I ADVERTISE?

I think…

We can go like this…

  • Stressing the HALF price criterion
  • Putting SALE words everywhere
  • Talk about the CHALLENGES by not using the product?
  • Listing the PROs of my company than ABC’S
  • Make the audience to THINK about my PRODUCT?

Which one do you think has the scope in the long run?

If you choose the fourth way, then we are on the same page.

You can make the audience think and engage them through the voice of Digital Marketing. There are many ways to market products online but, the instant crusher is Content Marketing.
In a nutshell, Content can be envisioned as a cup and, the digital medium as tea. They literally work on par when placed rightly.

Now, let’s see why content marketing is topping the list among others in the digital medium.

  • A smart content resonates 50 per cent of the audience who see it. Yes, that’s true indeed. Effective and meaningful engagements help to gauge your content performance plus brand awareness.
  • No Poach No Ouch!. I mean it. The best content marketing strategy avoids poaching your reach. Instead, it promotes your reach. By setting your content frequency, you can measure the needs of your targets right in time along with reaching a greater audience.
  • Stick to the point to Seal the Deal. Exquisite content strategies develop stronger and healthier camaraderie between the audience. With long term relationships, you gain trust and belief that helps in closing a deal with ease.
  • Content Marketing schools the novice audience. When content communicates and outlays the values of your business clearly in the digital medium, it is cherished and shared among the community. Make your proposal sound and acceptable.
  • Content marketing is cost-effective and lucrative. In other words, investment is economical while the returns are compound. “Actionable words matter the most.” Always, conclude your strategies with this statement. I bet you will notice the magic flipping into miracles.
  • Make them stop and let them never look back. By using the best content marketing techniques, you can pull off those huge chunks of internet colonized population to your website. It’s pretty simple. “The more the traffic… the more visibility”.
  • Numbers must outnumber. Every count makes you learn something new. A successful Content Marketing technique creates values and makes you stand above other businesses because of your content strategy.
  • Crunch a bunch of SEO benefits. Well, no point in leaving the last bite when you really enjoy the food. Likewise, the internet folks don’t leave you until the last straw of your content is consumed. As a token of appreciation, they will let Google crawl over your content to attract editorial links. It’s like the bell in the Pizza Hut. You like the food you ring the bell.
  • Achieve Consistent Visibility. Visibility improves your website’s visit rate. When content is shared constantly, your website ranking reaches high covering every nook and corner about your product. We all know that “Sharing is caring.” When they care they share.                                                     “Engaging content is relished more than the actual information.”
  •  Quick tips that come handy. Delight your customers not just with products but the benefits of the products for them. Spread out unknown information about topics such as “How to boost your reach ? ” Let the doubts of the audience get transparent and lucid.
  • Still thinking Content Marketing doesn’t work for your business? Then you must RETHINK. Imagine that you are into automobile business and if you feel you have run out of content fuel from the kitty…

      Then you can do something like this…

  • What if your content gives some GREAT TIPS on the quality of engine oil?


  • How to safeguard the engine in the worst climatic conditions?

Through content marketing, you create an innovative approach focusing on appealing pain points. The key is to find a bespoke approach.

  • Quality outweighs Quantity. There is no doubt that people buy only when they get convinced. Quality content talks about problem-solving, providing solutions and offering help if needed. Anticipating the sales outreach is hell hard. But your content is the road map that leads to the destination where you always wanted to.
  • Filter the Hero from the Zeroes. You only need people who are interested in your brand. Highly conversational content will help you to filter out the best potential customers interested in you. These are the people who are clear about their wants and needs. It becomes even more easier for you to communicate and get to the crux in closing a deal.
  • Leverage your brand to find credibility. Ever heard this before? Out of 1 Lakh people who view your content read it either in the form of articles, blogs , newsletters or eBooks,
    you achieve nearly 25 per cent click-through rate from whatever form that you have chosen. That’s huge right? I call it as “Influence… to get influenced”. 
  • Content Marketing leads to Social Media Following. Good content is bliss for the out lookers. Guess what? you can end up having lots of fans on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Your brand gets attention and enjoys the joy of hitting the limelight by just focusing on frequent posting on quality content. Relish the joy of fan following!!

Marketing online isn’t new. At the same time, it isn’t easy. People have changed. And so have their needs. Let your product be felt before it hits the market. Once you have an established brand identity, your struggle is reduced to HALF. An honest marketer thinks not just to sell anything but to be remembered in people’s mind. Recognizing you through your brand harvests beautiful conclusions in the long run. You don’t have to find or follow  people once you have become an established brand. They discover you.

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